Monday, April 19, 2021

Smash Ultimate - Pyra in Smash, Wooh!

 Since I'm here writing stuff, I'm gonna go ahead and say this, one month+ too late.

You know, it honestly surprises me. Monolith Soft is great at making games, and helps Nintendo with stuff like Zelda. Yet Nintendo is here going, "Dude Sakurai, please advertise Fire Emblem!". Intelligent Systems can't even make their own games now. Yet Nintendo goes out of its way to help Intelligent Systems stay afloat. Just buy away the IP and disband that lump of junk.

Finally, Monolith Soft got some justice. I would have been fine with Rex, using Pyra and Mythra, but I'm even better with just solo Pyra and Mythra. The only problem is that in JP, Pyra calls Mythra "Hikari", but in the game, she goes "Hikari-chan". So yeah, Sakurai, please fix this.

This is my Pyra/Mythra Global Smash Power, BTW. The image is one month old and Global Smash Power naturally grows as time passes, so mine's is probably more now though. Great characters, fun to play.

Monster Hunter Rise: Thoughts and Impressions

Sorry about not posting for so long. I originally planned to buy Bravely Default 2, and that would have got me to write something about it, but I ended up kinda going "Meh" towards it, and ended up not buying it.  Pyra came out for Smash and that was awesome and literally the only Smash DLC I've ever bought and I got busy playing that. And then Monster Hunter came out.

Still planning to get Rune Factory 5. Not sure about Pokemon Snap. And that's all for now, really. Huh, kinda lonely. Where is Megami Tensei 5?! Etrian Odyssey?! You give us these teasers and no follow-up.

Also hopefully, as I am still playing Monster Hunter, I will finish the last two routes of Nukitashi before the localized version comes out, so I can say a few words. Yeah, this is an R18 visual novel game, so most people reading this probably doesn't care about that type of stuff.

While Monster Hunter isn't one of those games that has an "end", I have now played over 150 hours (actually 166, it seems), so I definitely think I can say something about it.

Also, I don't really think there are any spoilers. Not that I think Monster Hunter stories really have a story that could be ruined with spoilers, outside of maybe spinoff games.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Update (January 2021)

 Since I haven't made any posts recently, just wanted to give a quick update.

I haven't really bought any new games yet. I've been mostly playing Langrisser Reincarnation, replaying Monster Hunter 4G, and also started Nukitashi (Eroge). I've already beaten the first two and haven't finished Nukitashi, so I haven't really been able to say anything in a post. 

I plan to buy Bravely Default 2, Rune Factory 5, and of course Monster Hunter Rise, but nothing interested me in December or January.

You also got Sephiroth in Smash Bros, but I've never cared about Final Fantasy, so whatever, you know. Still waiting for Xenoblade 2's character, but for some reason, although Nintendo is willing to baby Intelligent Systems, who can't even make their own games anymore, they aren't willing to give any favor to the company that literally helps them make all kinds of games like Zelda. *shrug*

Friday, November 27, 2020

Langrisser Reincarnation: One Route Complete + Thoughts/Review

Okay, I've completed one route in the game, the Light one. I know there are more routes and I do plan to play them, but I think I have enough information to write my thoughts about the game.

Yes, yes, I know. We all already know that this is a bad game. But let me just say a few things.


Sunday, October 18, 2020

Azur Lane: Crosswave - Thoughts/Review

To note: I do play the smartphone game.

I have beaten all of the stories, tried all of the modes, and have completed all of the side-battles.

I've not completely, completely finished the game as in, 100%, but the only thing left is to listen to all of the short stories, so I think I can give my impressions of the game now.

Also, to explain the game, I'll be using the main image below to go over each mode.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Finally my new games arrive!

 I'm not gonna say who, but I ordered and I chose Express, but apparently that counts as Economy too, since everything got shipped through Economy, and I had to wait until today to get my items. Yeah, I will definitely think twice before I order physical products from your store next time.

Anyways, I bought several games this time. So I'm gonna use a Read More to stuff all of the images inside.

Friday, August 28, 2020

AAAAAAAAAHHH! I finally truly completed Xenoblade DE! (100% Acheivements)

Holy crap that was torturous.
I mean, defeating 1000s of enemies, pressing a button before battle 100s of times, seeing 12:00AM to 5:00AM for over 300 days...
It was as grindy as it gets.

And the worst part? You don't know how far you are. There is no counter for, like, how many enemies you have defeated. You just have to keep on defeating them.
Heck, for all you know, you could be doing it wrong and the counter isn't even going up.

However, since you can modify your own levels now, stuff like dying a whole bunch of times and all are much easier to do.
It was still hell though!