Sunday, October 4, 2015

Smash Bros. for WiiU: Videos

In preparation for the update to 1.1.1, I finally decided to create a youtube account so I could upload videos from the WiiU directly to it.
The only problem is that longer videos can't be uploaded, so I've decided to just use the "Highlight" option. Which sucks, but better than nothing, I guess.
I actually was not able to get that many 1.1.0 videos onto it before I ran out of time, but I will try to upload more often now that I have got everything set up.

The channel is here:

Since the videos are mainly for myself, the titles are always:
The character I am using
What noticeably happens

Also, most videos are wins and they are not necessarily great playing on my part, since I am not that good of a player.

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