Friday, October 30, 2015

Stella Glow: Character Thoughts (Spoilers)

Before I start, I want to mention that below, there will be spoilers for the characters that join you as well as perhaps other spoilers involving the story.
Just random thoughts about the character, both story and battle-wise.

Yes, the person on the left is a guy

Alto - Just a normal protagonist. Not painful or annoying to watch. Very aggressive attacker that learns powerful skills, is able to retaliate against attacks, and eventually gains the ability to move a 2nd time after defeating an enemy.

Lisette - Normal heroine... but for some reason, one of her strongest attacks involves her butt, and her second song is yandere-ish and half about jealousy. Wait, I thought I just purified her and her profile talks about forever love. Why is her new song creepy...?
Her song heals HP, SP, and status ailments. OP much? One of the few healers in the game, so obviously, she was very useful throughout the game.

Popo - Being a flyer with decent speed, she doesn't have much trouble moving around the map. Bows have long range, giving her the ability to hit units quite far away. Close up enemies get to enjoy getting hit by her magic. She can also heal, later in the game.
If not simply because her song magic is the first you get to use, her song will have plenty of appearance time. And it is powerful.
Her first song isn't sung by her character voice, but you know, it is hard to do that. Good song anyways.

Sakuya - As expected of the Fire Witch, so aggressive in battle (and outside). Unlike the other witches, she can't use magical Fire attacks without a song, limited to the usual 1 range for most of her attacks. but she has fairly good movement and powerful attacks all-around. However, her skills are binded to her stance, so you have to put a bit of thought on that. Though changing her stance occurs before you move and can be switched any number of times before then, so it is just a small limitation.
Her last skill doing a set 500 damage while burning almost all of her SP is... interesting to say the least.
But because of her offensive capabilities, she won't be singing much. Her songs don't really even have that good of an effect, though the songs themselves are excellent.

Mordimort - Hikikomori. The archetype of quiet, lethargic characters... Which shows in her low speed. Which made her hard to use. Quite slow, though she does have high MAG and a powerful buff, as well as the ability to create decoys. Her motion in battle is quite cute. Her songs... are unfortunately kinda a weaker version of Popo's... I mean, they don't move and can't avoid attacks, but they wake up after getting hit.

Hilda - Called the strongest witch in-game, and it is really shown in battle too. Warping gives her the ability to move with great ease, avoiding abysses and cliffs and damage floors. Powerful magic and a very powerful, wide-ranged final skill that uses a lot of SP. But she even learns a SP-recovering ability. She also has the skill that makes any unit move immediately, and can switch her location with other units after crossing terrain that other units may not be able to pass. Her song stops enemies like Popo and Mordi, but her's causes Stop, which is stronger than boths. Though her secondary effect is different, so... there is a point to use Popo and Mordi's after she joins... maybe.

Klaus - All-rounder. Kinda feel sorry for the guy...

Rusty - Incredible speed and movement. He learns abilities that further increase his mobility. He can easily move twice when slower units like Mordi can even move once. On top of that, his defense and offense are not particularly low either. He can do damage to areas of units, has 2 range for his attacks, and can even retaliate against enemy attacks.
His only "weakness" is his lack of incredibly strong attacks. Other than that, definitely one of the easiest and useful units in-game.

Archibald - The slow tank unit... until you get his last ability, which is quite shocking in its content. High defenses and high Strength, powerful attacks actually make him quite reliable. Slow, yes, but anything within range gets pummeled to the ground.

Ewan - I assume... he is a Tanuki, since he disappears and reappears in one of his attacks. He has the ability to heal both HP and SP in exchange for money, making him one of the few healers in the game. He also uses the Gun, which gives him great range in a straight line. He also is the only character with Gun Skills.
But... his ability to Steal is only unique early on, his ability to open chests is not that much of a benefit (since you can attack chests to open them, which might take 2+ turns though), and healing can be done by other characters. On top of that, he is slow and his SP growth sucks.
Which makes him one of the harder to use units.

Nonoka - I have to say I was surprised when her face was revealed so easily.
Anyways, her movement capabilities are on Rusty's level, though she does less damage. She can cause numerous status ailments and can also temporarily hide from enemies, so she isn't hard to use. Just that Rusty is that much more useful. Also, one of her abilities does damage to units near her after she moves, but this is a forced activation, meaning if she put someone beside her to sleep, she wakes them up right away... Also, enemy skills that activate upon damage will indeed activate.

Veronica -  Her biggest advantage is the high level she joins in. That level is even higher than the character that joins after her. She can use all four elements of magic, but it really drains her SP quick. I'd say my biggest use of her is her ability to cast protection against status ailments.
Of course, she is useful on the attack too, but she has one of the lowest defenses in the game, so you have to watch out.

Dante - I didn't really get around using him much, but because he is a spear user, he has quite the range, both sideways and forward. However, that also means he is likely to hit an ally along with the target.

Dorothy - Flying gives her fair movement. Most of her attacks involve doing high damage + some kind of recoil, such as receiving damage or lowering her own defense. She has plenty of high-damage attacks, but a lot involve keeping your HP low or hurting yourself, so she is... at the least, unique to use.

Hrodulf - The masochist that gets faster and faster every time you attack him... On a more serious point, cool guy.

Keith - He is really good at delivering status ailments and hitting units far above/below him as well as clustered units, but not only is he slow, he doesn't really do that much damage.
Pretty hard to use... Though quite able to adapt to the situation and able to handle sudden events quite well. Not a bad guy, but...

Giselle - You'd think she'd be emotionless, but she actually shows emotions quite early on. I find her sad face quite cute, BTW. Kinda like (´・ω・`)

From here on out, important story spoilers possible! -

Eve - Kinda bittersweet... Just imagining singing forever. I guess she was saved, but still, not being able to bring her back was sad.
At least Marie was saved?

Elmar - Sorry for suspecting you. Two-thumbs up.


PS: I personally find the original Wind and Fire witch to be cuter than the current. *whisper*

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