Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fire Emblem Fates: Finished

Pretty much, I've done everything that I can really do.

 So first, I made a Waifu Castle. One of the gimmicks you can make in this game thanks to the My Castle and purchasing stored units-feature. So of course, I made a Castle full of Nyx.

 Then I went and beat Lunatic difficulty for all three routes.
(And by the way, the number code in the following image will also direct you to my Castle)

 And then finally, I made a 2nd Waifu Castle. I chose Mitama because she was a child unit and a Hoshido unit, which is the opposite of Nyx, and she was one of the more decent characters that fit those requirements. Kino is very cute, but her hair color doesn't change (just her bangs part).

The stars stare into your soul!

I've also collected all of the possible support conversations except the template sibling/parent ones.

So yeah, there is practically nothing to do left. I don't have the motivation to create yet another Waifu Castle, and it is so pointless to work my way into the Castle Rankings through tedious grinding.

So anyways, I will soon be moving on to another game. Title announcement soon.

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