Monday, July 9, 2012

Kid Icarus Damage Calculator

I finished it!
It is a JAVA Applet, so you might not be able to see it unless you have a newer version.

UPDATE: Greatest damage shown is now damage at shortest and greatest distance
UPDATE: Fixed error with Fairy Orbitars, matched Gemini's forward charge damage with a different source
UPDATE: Changed layout of the displays of data; now the min and max are shown together in the same box; please remember that the min and max means "Range" not "Damage"

Some notes:
-Continuous fire damage is all for one hit
-In general, all charge fire damage is the entire attack, adding together multiple hits
--Upperdash Arm's and Shock Orbitars Back Charge damage,  Electroshock Arm's Charge Shots damage are all one hit
--Great Reaper's Palm and Eyetrack Orbitar's Charge Shot damage are all one way around, so it doesn't consider the extra damage dealt when the attacks come back around
-Orbitars except for Guardian shows only one shot damage, but since each attack releases two shots, you need to multiply by 2 for the full damage
-Damage shown are the damage at the shortest range and the damage at the greatest distance. Depending on the weapon, the strongest could be the shortest or could be the greatest.
-All damage from JP Wiki, or if they don't have it, I tried to test the ones I could, and the rest from:

It's big and heavy, so I'll cover it with a "Read more" line...


  1. Thanks for this. There are some mistakes in the weapon damages. Are you interested in bug reports, and how can we reach you (other than the comment form)?

    Examples: Gemini Orbitars Min-R Forward Charge is wrong, it is 15 something, not 12 something, so this source is probably right:
    Also, Fairy Orbitars damages are wrong, they actually get weaker the closer you are. At first sight, it seems as though the Weapon Data page is right, except they mixed up farther and closest damages.

    1. Millions year too late, but I finally realized your comment today while I had free time and was shifting through my posts.
      I'll look into it and fix the problems.

  2. what happened to the melee stars?

    1. It should still be there. It is "Direct Stars", the first row.