Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bravely Default Story Clear!

Took about 70-80 hours, but I finally finished the game. There is technically an extra dungeon, but there is no story and really only bragging rights, so I'll go ahead with the comments for my game.
Without going into spoilers...
In general, it was a well-done game. The story will require spoilers to really talk about, so I'll just say it was a tad bit over-abused, but ended well and was at a forgivable level.
And the final part with the protagonist at the very, very end was really... "wow."

What I really liked was the battle system. The Brave - Default system felt pretty balanced.
-You could not just full Brave and defeat all the enemies you meet,for instance, because:
--The enemy might not die from your attacks
--Getting hit by a status ailment like Paralysis stops your movement and you don't get back the wasted Braves
-You could not just constantly Default 3 times and then full Brave
--Because there is a status ailment, Fear, that drops your stored Brave to 0 and keeps it there
--Brave-piercing attacks

The bosses were balanced too and none too easy, but there is always a method to beat them other than leveling up and pushing with brute force.

However, one complaint I have is the Run Away system in this game. The chance of running away is too low, WAAAAY too low. It is almost always better to fight, because you generally would finish the battle faster than you could run away.

The jobs were fun. You could combine them in different ways for different results, kind of like Etrian Odyssey. There were a couple of jobs that were a bit... useless though.

And now, to talk with spoilers...

Culdcept Journal - Book - Special Ailment Book

After busy weeks and busy playing video games, I think I can finally sit down and write a decent article other than the weekly sales of Japan.
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