Monday, February 29, 2016

Monster Hunter X: Size Hunting

Oh how time flies. Still working on my first playthrough of Megami Tensei 4: Final, BTW. I'll make a post on that when I finish.

The Monster Hunter hell of hells, trying to get the Small Crown and at least the Big Crown of all monsters for the achievements.
All luck. Sometimes it pops up right away, sometimes it never pops up... Oh the stress.
It is actually easy to get the Big Crown, since there is a size above that. But the Small Crown doesn't have a sub-small icon. You have to get the smallest types. What's worse is that even though the appearance is a Small, there is a chance you still don't get the Crown, just barely missing it by a few centimeters. Oh that feeling of despair when that happens...

Some of my memoes that I remember for monsters... Since I don't remember all of the English names, some might be their Japanese names because I'm too lazy to go into that heavy, heavy Wiki page to search them up..

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monster Hunter X: 100% Achievements

 Phew... The Big and Small crowns really are difficult to get... But anyways, finally completed the achievements for MHX! Yes!

Some talk and images and stats after the "Read More"

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

(゜∀゜) New game!

Finally that time to start a new game!
As for Monster Hunter X, I'll post an update on a later date.

Yup, Megami Tensei 4 Final; I did enjoy most of the previous game, except the overload of DLC, some that included story content. And they redrew some of the monsters that stood out in the previous game to look more like the standard, with some really good refinements.
So of course I pre-ordered the download version. I'll try balancing out this game with MHX. I also want to do something with this game, though I am too busy to create a whole program like Megami Tensei 4.