Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Monster Hunter X: 100% Achievements

 Phew... The Big and Small crowns really are difficult to get... But anyways, finally completed the achievements for MHX! Yes!

Some talk and images and stats after the "Read More"

For the Big and Small crowns, the one I had the hardest time with was the named Tetsucabra. As you can see, I almost reached 200 hunted before FINALLY getting the Small crown. What is so ridiculous is, as you can see, the difference between a Small and a Big is only 200cm. That means the range for a normal one is even smaller. How the hell are you supposed to see the difference?!
And yes, you can see very small differences, but indeed, really hard to tell if it is at the crown level.

My HR at the time of completion:

And weapon stats at time of completion:
I usually only end up using the Great Sword on certain monsters like Kirin and Garuga. Hammer is pretty much only Teostra. Which probably explains their low usage.

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