Friday, January 27, 2017

Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Videos

Storage of my uploaded battle videos for Pokemon Moon
This will allow me to keep my storage (in-game) clean while keeping track of videos, if I have time and want to re-watch them.
I don't know exactly how long battle videos last after being uploaded, so there eventually might be dead links? or whatever happens when a battle video number expires, if it does.
EDIT: So apparently, you can only upload 10 videos at a time. Which totally sucks and drains some of my motivation in even battling. And it's coupled with the loss of motivation from seeing the exact same Pokemon every other time. Anyhow, I'm thinking about moving onto another game instead of bothering to breed one of every Alola Pokemon like I originally intended to.

And, I added this post to the right-side "Various Useful Posts" bookmark. Same place as the link to my Smash Bros videos.

Long blonde hair + blue eyes + black kneesocks? Totally waifu material. Pink is a cute touch. I thought about lipstick, but it honestly didn't really match, so I gave up on that idea.
And don't look at me like a weirdo for saying this. A guy needs eyecandy while spending hours riding a bull hatching eggs and all that fun fun stuff.

Alola Friendly (Day 1, 11/15 matches won):
1. Yes, Salazzle can learn Encore

2. Yes, Salazzle can learn Encore. And yes, I predicted Recover.

3. I was worried that First Impression would do enough damage to Garchomp, so I had to risk the 1/3 confusion chance to win, instead of switching out and using Magnezone as a cushion

4. When you Dragon Dance not assuming there is a possibility Garchomp has a Choice Scarf...

5. When you don't realize that Choice Scarf Jolly Garchomp can outspeed Adamant Shell Break Cloyster

6. Why every little (defensive) IV counts (and thanks to Hyper Training, you have no excuse)

Alola Friendly (Day 2, 11/15 matches won):
6. Porygon 2? Oh yes, strong indeed. But, S h e e r c o l d

7. Arcanine -> Kapu prediction Poison Jab, Salazzle Encore

8. Celesteela is popular -> Die by the hands of Magnet Pull Magnezone

9. Yet again, Magnezone's favorite prey, Celesteela

-Switch out to Garchomp so Rough Skin will reduce Incineroar's HP enough for Salazzle to defeat in one more hit
-Predicts opponent prediction and keeps Lapras in front of Magnezone
-Predicts opponent will give up predicting and switches out to Garchomp
-Opponent predicts I would switch out to Garchomp again, but my only goal is to lower Magnezone's HP enough for Garchomp's Outrage (In which Outrage takes out Magnezone and lowers Misdreavus's HP enough for Salazzle to take out with Fire Blast, and then take out Incineroar OR Salazzle takes out Magnezone and weakens Misdreavus enough for Outrage to defeat it and then Incineroar)

11. When all the bad luck in the world (to your opponent) allows Salazzle to just sweep the opponent...

12. Golisopod

13. Lapras

14. My opponent always pauses when I send out Magnezone like this, but I guess they must be surprised at not being able to switch out...

15. Yeah, I knew a second Sword Dance was coming...

Alola Friendly (Day 3, 10/15 matches won <- Lost the last four matches in a row, partially due to me not really caring that much anymore to predict anything. It is very important to do so, BTW):
16.  Not my intended prey, but it works...

17. Choice Scarf Jolly Garchomp > Adamant Shell Break Cloyster

18. Yeah, I'm really tired of your face, so just faint as quickly as you can with this Sheer Cold...

19. The dangers of over-predicting (using Curse on what Garchomp will switch out to)

20. The importance of just having priority moves...

21.  Using a berry twice in one turn is kinda cool

22. Sheer cold sheer cold sheer cold

23. Hi, nice to see Celesteela again. Here is Magnet Pull Magnezone. Bye.

24. For some reason, I forgot the cockroach was Bug/Fighting... It's easy to forget so, but if Hi Jump Kick doesn't hit the opponent, the user loses half the health...
Anyways, I didn't expect using Magnezone this way, but...

25. Lapras

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