Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pokemon Moon: Alola Pokedex Complete (+First Shiny)

Since it is relatively easy to get the Charm item that increases the chances of a Shiny appearing, I wanted to get it before doing anything related to competitive breeding. So for what is probably the first time, I focused on completing the Pokedex.
And I thank anyone who traded with me to get the Sun exclusives.

Also, finally found my first Shiny in the game. Kinda lonely, since I found 2 in Pokemon X/Y before I even cleared the main story.

I found it while SOS-chaining and catching 4 Max IV Dittos, with, of course, the Shiny Charm.
While I was doing something else while taking out Dittos, I was wary about a Shiny appearing, so I always made sure to take a look at the new Ditto before KOing it.
I almost just KOing it, but I thankfully took a glance at the 3DS before doing so. Unfortunately, it was found in the 20+ chain range, so it only has 3 31IV stats. Also, no hidden ability. But beggers can't be choosers, as they say.