Sunday, March 27, 2016

Megami Tensei IV: Toki dialogue collection

A collection of Toki's lines in battle and on the field, the ones that pop up in text at the bottom of the screen.
I don't have much for her masked version because you spend more time with her unmasked version and there isn't as much opportunity to see her lines at that time. Or perhaps her masked version just doesn't have that many lines.
You'll have to click and display the image in order to be able to read it. Also, translations are just to give an idea of what she is saying. Look forward to the localization for more official translations.

UPDATE 1: Added lines for equipment changes
UPDATE 2 (4/2/16): Added more lines for relic collecting, being idle, random, support attack beginning and end
UPDATE 3 (4/20/16): Added a few more lines. I think this should be all of them.

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