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Megami Tensei IV: Final - Spoiler Thoughts

As the title suggests, some of my thoughts on characters and the story, with spoilers. Plenty of spoilers.

She had plenty of moments in the game, in general always by the protagonist's side, but she never takes the protagonist's role. In other words, she did a good job being a heroine.
My only problem with her is that her voice actor is somewhat stiff. Since she is an important character, I wish they chose a proper voice actor...
Especially once she gets "Awaken", you can always count on her to heal your characters on her turn, which saves you the MP and Press Turn to do so yourself. A stable character to use throughout the game, though she won't heal you on the same turn your HP drops below Max HP from using Doping.

Well, that bastard that you couldn't help dislike from the previous game is back. And he does get to redeem himself this time.
In battle, he uses buffs, which is beneficial, but his greatest asset is when he learns Doping. I'm not sure the conditions required, but he eventually stops casting buffs and starts using elemental damage items, though the damage is negligible.

To think that sub-character is back. Now she even has a character portrait!
Though as far as her role in the game, it can't be helped if you have complaints. While she does play the important role of being the common sense adult of the party, she has a hard time... how do I say it, being useful? I mean, she is useful, but like that one scene where she says she will try to follow up for you... and isn't able to. Those moments kinda stand out...
In battle, she does damage while casting status ailments and debuffs.

Think Navarre, except he actually is a part member and gets to grow as a character.
Not a bad character, but in battle...
He is the worst partner ever. He randomly attacks after the enemy's turn, but he uses your Press Turns to do it. On top of that, he can sometimes attack more than once during those moments. And yes, each attack uses your Press Turns. For instance, he once attacked three times in-between the enemy and my turn. And thanks to that, I started my turn with ONE Press Turn.
And frankly, while he does do high damage for a Partner, it isn't worth it. AT ALL.

 He's a good person, really. There isn't much to say, but he's a likable enough character,
In battle, until half-way, he uses only a few skills. Which are surprisingly important against certain bosses, especially his skill that prevents status ailments. His Catcher skill also prevents your demons from being blown away and Lost. Once he reveals his identity, he uses powerful Magic attacks, doing as much or more damage than Gaston... just without the Press Turn stealing.
The only problem is that he isn't reliable. Say you wish he continues casting the anti-ailment buff on you each turn. Well, he will eventually decide to not use it for one turn, leaving you wide open for that turn. Once he can attack, now you want him to attack instead of buffing you. And such.

Although there is a good and explained reason, it definitely will make you go "(O_O)" when she suddenly falls for you.
Yes, I understand that being affected by what is similar to the seven deadly sins (to put it simply) kinda messed her up (or rather, unmessed her up?), but it still takes a while to kinda register the change.
However, as they say, cuteness is justice, and Toki (especially her voice) is cute. Therefore, everything is forgiven.
You get to enjoy her acting crazy, panting like an eroge, calling you Master (Nushi-sama), love comedy-ing against Asahi, giving birth, and going a bit yandere as you progress through the game.
Not bad, right?
Not only that, but she is quite useful in battle too. At the beginning of battle and at the end of the enemy's turn, she has a chance of barging in and using an instant-death attack. Of course, the chance of instant death is not 100%, but when she kills 3 hordes in a roll by barging in three times in a roll, you will be impressed. And guess what? Unlike Guston, her barging in doesn't steal away your Press Turns. Other than instant-death, she can cause Defense Down, Vertigo, and Skill Sealing, so she can still be of some use in boss battles, though her true usefulness comes in normal battles.
PS:  Until I saw her move in-game, I didn't realize that the veil around her skin-tight suit was actually part of the arm part, not the torso, so when she moved her arms, the veil disappears(?).

I have to say, I really came to like his character. You get to really understand his goals and why those are his goals, and in a way, he is the only bittersweet part of the Good End, because the Dagda that was with you the entire time is dead and he is a different Dagda (technically).
Anyways, he has some good points, but for Toki's sake, I had to go against his wishes in the end. Sorry, next time.

Frankly, he worked the hardest of any of the Polytheistic Alliance. He came back from the dead twice, acts as an imposter of IV protagonist, steals souls while pretending to be someone else, and manages to help you kill Lucifer and Merkabar. And finally, he proceeds to sacrificing himself again to become the Egg. 
And in the meantime, Odin and Krishna were playing around while Miroku gets killed for real.

-Dagda's control over the protagonist
There are various moments in the story where Dagda forces the protagonist to move and such, but I'm not quite sure how that goes. Because sometimes, the protagonist makes decisions or talk. Dagda cannot control that? Stuff like ideas and philosophical decisions have to come from the protagonist, but physical tasks can be forced by Dagda?

-Dagda's revival ability
He can free souls from Shesha and return them to their bodies, reviving them, but some CPU characters don't come back. Why is this? Like that lady who always talks dirty.
And Asahi was chopped into pieces, leaving her with no body for her soul to return to. Though as a god, I'm sure Dagda can regenerate bodies plenty fine.

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