Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Fire Emblem Heroes: No, this isn't Ephraim

Look man, if you are going to write a character... that has already been established, it would VERY, VERY, VERY be helpful if you played the game or AT LEAST read the script. And if you are working on Fire Emblem, I have no doubt you have access to that.
And when you are responsible for writing a game that is pretty much fanservice to fans of the characters, it is incredibly important not to misrepresent the character.
If you are getting paid to do this, try to do more than just scan the web and pick up fan jokes of characters. Yes, fans make fun of how Cecilia (Fuuin no Ken) looks old. But if I recall correctly, her official setting is NOT OLD. So stop making her talk about her age! It's like being forced to read a bad doujin, except it's not fan-based but official.

Oh, and BTW, his Japanese voice sucks too. But it actually fits THIS FAKE EPHRAIM, so in a way, it makes sense that his voice sucks. Because the representation is faulty from the start!
And BTW again, but as you can tell from Wada Sachiko's Tweeter, you can tell the original artist for the game clearly isn't happy either, even though she says it way more subtly than me.

Let me be blunt. THIS IS NOT EPHRAIM!

He is not the character that openly talks about sibling love. In fact, you can say he doesn't even realize how close he is with his sister. He's more of the type that usually teases his sister (which he does in the game), but in the end, they are close to each other at heart.
In fact, Erika is the one that is more of the "Please spend time with me, Onii-chan!" type, even though that is an exaggeration too.

Oh, and guess what? Ephraim is the type of person willing to charge into a fortress with only 4 people, even while those people are trying to tell him it is crazy to try it. But he charges in and does what he needs to do.
In fact, this line more resembles that boss who you fight in Chapter 14 or something, the one surrounded by mountains where the merchant later pops up on the left. Why is Ephraim saying this? Because the writer couldn't find a more natural way to extend the storyline (for what worth the story even has)?
EDIT: Oh, and to be clearer, Ephraim does say this line in the game too. Except the way he uses it is the exact opposite and very cool. One of the reasons he is liked.
Another proof the writer did not bother to study the original source. Using a line from the game sounds smart, right? NOT WHEN YOU DON'T KNOW THE CONTEXT OF IT!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Mercenary Saga 3 (3DS): Review

I actually had plans to write this at the end of last year, which happened to be before the localized version came out, but well, holidays and everything else dragged it up to now.
It's available on the 3DS right now, BTW. There is also a cell phone-version, I believe (not sure if this is localized), but the 3DS version is the upgraded version and has more content, so you would be wiser to choose the 3DS version.

BTW, same company that made Adventure Bar Story.

Friday, January 27, 2017

Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Videos

Storage of my uploaded battle videos for Pokemon Moon
This will allow me to keep my storage (in-game) clean while keeping track of videos, if I have time and want to re-watch them.
I don't know exactly how long battle videos last after being uploaded, so there eventually might be dead links? or whatever happens when a battle video number expires, if it does.
EDIT: So apparently, you can only upload 10 videos at a time. Which totally sucks and drains some of my motivation in even battling. And it's coupled with the loss of motivation from seeing the exact same Pokemon every other time. Anyhow, I'm thinking about moving onto another game instead of bothering to breed one of every Alola Pokemon like I originally intended to.

And, I added this post to the right-side "Various Useful Posts" bookmark. Same place as the link to my Smash Bros videos.

Long blonde hair + blue eyes + black kneesocks? Totally waifu material. Pink is a cute touch. I thought about lipstick, but it honestly didn't really match, so I gave up on that idea.
And don't look at me like a weirdo for saying this. A guy needs eyecandy while spending hours riding a bull hatching eggs and all that fun fun stuff.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Pokemon Moon: 2nd Shiny + A comment on PokeBank

The whole thing about PokeBank will be after the "Read More" line, since it is more or less just complaining.

So anyways, I was about to go hunt for a Hidden Ability Rockruff. I had a Synchronize Adamant Kadabra at the front of my party. But the first Pokemon to appear... was a Shiny Machop. Huh. Greed Sensors.

So yeah, thanks to Kadabra, the nature was Adamant. And as far as Sun and Moon goes, that (and maybe gender) is all you need. Because thanks to Hyper Training, it doesn't matter what the IVs are. Thanks to the Ability Capsule, the ability doesn't really matter either.
And yeah, bad IVs and Guts.
But thanks to Hyper Training and the Ability Capsule, I have a fine Pokemon on my hands.
...Too bad Machamp's Shiny color isn't exactly...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Pokemon Moon: Alola Pokedex Complete (+First Shiny)

Since it is relatively easy to get the Charm item that increases the chances of a Shiny appearing, I wanted to get it before doing anything related to competitive breeding. So for what is probably the first time, I focused on completing the Pokedex.
And I thank anyone who traded with me to get the Sun exclusives.

Also, finally found my first Shiny in the game. Kinda lonely, since I found 2 in Pokemon X/Y before I even cleared the main story.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Years (2017)!

Happy New Years! Hanayo-san gave me my omikuji for the year!

I was able to go through my stock of to-do games a bit...
Xenoblade Chronicles X: Build Augments and fight superbosses
Pokemon Moon: Finish Pokedex, Collect Shiny Charm, Start Competitive Breeding
Elminage Gothic 3D: Last floor of post-game dungeon
Fire Emblem: Thracia 776: Not Started

As for this year, looking forward to Alliance Alive (Furyu) and Monster Hunter XX (Capcom)!