Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Culdcept Dictionary

And so I have finished the dictionary, oh it took so long, so many cards.
But I was able to get the Javascript working and everything looks fine, as far as I can tell.

The main reason I started on this dictionary is because the main English site for Culdcept, Culdcept Central, does not list 1st and 2nd's card effects (just the Expansions), and it required several windows to compare the ability of certain cards throughout the series.
A Japanese site exists that allows easy comparison, but not only is that not in English, but there are noticeable mistakes.

Some things I must point out:
  • Every series except Mobile is included, including the original 1st and 2nd, which Culdcept Central does not list (there are differences between cards between original and Expansions!)
  • I mainly used information from the JP Culdcept Wiki which in turn uses PROPHECY 
    •  However, there are mistakes in PROPHECY's database
      • When I noticed something strange, I checked in other places to get the correct information
  •  I did not follow the wording of each card in my translations
    • This is because the wording changes between games, yet have the same effect.
    • Or sometimes the original wording itself is hard to understand
    • In this case, to my possible ability, I researched the correct effects
      • For instance, Polestar's Culdcept 1st's description says "HP=1", but actually, HP=1 only when negation of damage occurs. In this case, I used my own wording for this dictionary
  • For now, I do not have the dictionary split into each game, but only each category, by alphabetical order
  • This dictionary is made with Bootstrap, but the boxes are a bit small and some parts may be cut off. I plan to figure out a design to fix this. 
  • The way the games are listed are by the generation. 1st, 1stEx, DS (remake of 1stEX), Saga, 2nd, 2ndEX, 3DS (remake of 2ndEX)
There could be mistakes I didn't realize, perhaps because of a silly error on my part or perhaps from PROPHECY I did not realize.
If you (reader) find something wrong I did not realize, please tell me! I'll be searching for them myself as I try to improve this dictionary.
Dictionary is below the Read More:


Item Restrictions
Territory Restrictions






Second Ex.


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  1. Looks good.

    The only thing I could think of is to put it in reverse chronological order (most recent games first) as people tend to play recent games more often. Ultimately, however, it is up to you.