Thursday, January 10, 2013

PuyoPuyo 20th Complete(?)!

It actually isn't the type of game to "complete", but well, got "S" rank on all Story characters and bought everything in the shop including hidden material, so in a way, it is complete. All that is left is to slowly enjoy the game?

 But it really isn't that hard to get S in Story Mode. Just set the difficulty to Hard, play PuyoPuyo (old rules) for each stage, and make a simple 5-6 chain kind of like this (it's actually a little off here!):

 And you'll win. If you can't get this chain off quickly, just lose on purpose and start over. I'm not sure how the ranks are determined and this chain might only get you an A, but all you need are 3 "S" and the rest can be "A" and your final rank will still be "S".

Everything in store has been bought!

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