Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monster Hunter XX: Highest Difficulty Deviant Solo-ing 1/3

For the sake of it... and due to certain Monsters, I may not actually end up doing all of them, but I'm trying to go through the Highest Difficulty Deviants through Solo (with Palico, though they rarely survive long enough to matter).
For now, I went through 6 of the 18.

Images of the clear time and short thoughts below:
Note that I was not TA-ing and I was aiming at simply clearing the quest. So I added survival skills or played around a bit with other rarely used skills.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Culdcept Revolt - Why It is Fun (Advertisement)
So I just wanted to advertise the game a bit by going over some of the aspects of the game I find interesting about it. It really is one-of-a-kind, but it is so one-of-a-kind, it really isn't for everyone. Which is why it needs as much advertisement as possible.
And you know, if you've never played it before, it is worth trying once. Revolt especially has tried to make the single-player mode more fulfilling than ever, so even if you don't want to fight against other people, there is plenty for you to do.

Please keep in mind that what I find interesting can also be the reason why someone might find the game not suitable for them.
Still... Just buy the game and try it.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Monster Hunter Stories: Final Impressions, Thoughts

My thoughts on the game, upon finishing the main story. Of course, there is plenty to do after you beat the game, and Capcom provides new quests and updates (the DLC are free, BTW). I haven't really explored all of that, but so I can only touch a bit on that.

Oh, and last time I checked, the localized version should be coming out this year too. Since the language in the game is... "Monster Hunter language" (except for a few lines), I'm sure the dubbing was easy... (since there wasn't much need for new dubbing)

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New New 3DS! : Onto the 3DS' last sprint? + Transfer Complete

I leave a question mark on the title because I do not assume I will get another new 3DS, as this new one should last me until the successor.

Monster Hunter XX, Monster Hunter Stories

Stardust Amazoness, Fire Emblem Thracia, Mercenary Saga 2

Possible buys:
Ever Oasis, Alliance Alive, Radiant Historia, Etrian Odyssey Dungeon 2, Megami Tensei Deep Strange Journeys, Megami Tensei (title unknown?), Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

I originally did not use a Read More line, but I ended up also adding the steps I took to transfer between systems and the post started getting long.