Friday, July 27, 2012

Pokemon thoughts - BW2 new moves

EDIT: After finding a better list than originally, I added some other stuff.

So with the move tutors and move changes in BW2, I made a list of new moves that could be usable to me for the Pokemon. I covered every gen 5 Pokemon, but most gen 1-4 Pokemon aren't that different, so I didn't bother except for certain ones.
However, it is to note that with the move tutors, you can raise gen 1-4 Pokemon in gen 5 now, instead of having to bring them over. This means you can take advantage of how easy it is to raise Pokemon in gen 5! Also, of course, though I didn't cover them, you can now have Dream World Pokemon with gen 1-4 Pokemon with gen 4 moves!
Also, Snarl is available, so that applies to walling Pokemon in general.

New Game and Anime Info (7/27/12)

Senran Kagura's anime website opens with anime character designs-
Very normal designs...

Senran Kagur Burst's official blog update-
Also, colored images for bonus illustrations revealed:

Rune Factory 4's website updates-
Perfect Guidebook:
More VA comments:
New character introduced:

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Powder Eater!

Lots and lots of Powder Eaters!
Did this to get the medal of course... Fairly annoying to do though. Next are those slimes...

New Game Info (7/25/12)

Sales of the week (on time this week!)-
Apparently, previous sales of the series (first number is total, second is first week):
ルーンファクトリー2 マーベラス 116,287 56,082 08/01/03
ルーンファクトリー3 マーベラス 85,648 44,894 09/10/22 
Rune Factory 4 sells 85,955for its first week, surpassing 3 in two ways! I hear it is pretty good!

Also, updated:
with another Nikkei article that occurred today.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

AKB0048 Second Season Hinted!

There hasn't been any exciting anime news recently...
But at least with this, there will be one more thing to look forward to in 2013 (far!). I don't care about the real AKB, but this anime was definitely worth the watch. (Thoughts at usual place)
It doesn't actually say "Season 2", so I can't say it is confirmed, but I think it is. (What else could it be? <--Please not a real-live series!)

Friday, July 20, 2012

(;´Д`)=3 Not... Enough... Time...

Still doing Culdcept's Level Up Stages...

New Game Info (7/20/12)

Senran Kagura Burst's official website updates-
Voice sample and VA comment for Daidouji:
I hope they reveal the hidden character next week.

Rune Factory 4's official website updates. Don't forget to buy it! I personally would, but I'm busy with my current games... (And in an upcoming post...)-
A special 4-coma by Nakagawa Isami:
Characters section updates with a guest character from 3 and 2:

Forgot again, but sales this week:
Calciobit, like other recent third party games, sold the most for their first week than the other games in the series.
In a surprising turn of events, Vita's Time Travelers beats the 3DS's version by a couple hundred.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kid Icarus thoughts - Bullet Blade

Bullet Blade

New Game and Anime Info (7/14/12)

Update for Kid Icarus coming soon, with damage at minimum range and maximum range
(Need to check which weapons do more damage up-close and which far away)

Around half a month before it's release (reminder), but Senran Kagura Burst's website updates
-Image of the bonus item, with the winner of the popularity poll on the cover (NSFW!)
-Hibari's VA comment and voice sample

By the same company, soon to be released , Rune Factory 4's website does the same
-Sample and illustration of some monsters
-In the same category, a short guide to the town where the story will take place
-And some videos of how your life will be in the game

-Minami-ke's up-coming OAD's character designs revealed

-Seitokai Yakuindomo's new anime project?! (Probably just a OVA though, shame...)
(Read more for image source)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New Game Info and Anime Thoughts (7/12/12)

I completely forgot yesterday about it, but the sales came out for the week-
To be honest, it wasn't that interesting of a week, with 3DS the usual steadiness and Vita the usual dropping. Etrian Odyssey 4 sold the most of all other games in the series for the starting week. I guess the advertisement and such did a good job.

Anime this season have all aired, so I want to list the ones I plan to watch:

Monday, July 9, 2012

Kid Icarus Damage Calculator

I finished it!
It is a JAVA Applet, so you might not be able to see it unless you have a newer version.

UPDATE: Greatest damage shown is now damage at shortest and greatest distance
UPDATE: Fixed error with Fairy Orbitars, matched Gemini's forward charge damage with a different source
UPDATE: Changed layout of the displays of data; now the min and max are shown together in the same box; please remember that the min and max means "Range" not "Damage"

Some notes:
-Continuous fire damage is all for one hit
-In general, all charge fire damage is the entire attack, adding together multiple hits
--Upperdash Arm's and Shock Orbitars Back Charge damage,  Electroshock Arm's Charge Shots damage are all one hit
--Great Reaper's Palm and Eyetrack Orbitar's Charge Shot damage are all one way around, so it doesn't consider the extra damage dealt when the attacks come back around
-Orbitars except for Guardian shows only one shot damage, but since each attack releases two shots, you need to multiply by 2 for the full damage
-Damage shown are the damage at the shortest range and the damage at the greatest distance. Depending on the weapon, the strongest could be the shortest or could be the greatest.
-All damage from JP Wiki, or if they don't have it, I tried to test the ones I could, and the rest from:

It's big and heavy, so I'll cover it with a "Read more" line...

Friday, July 6, 2012

New Game Info (7/6/12)

Got the applet to show, but the actionlistener isn't working...

But anyways, mainly Senran Kagura this time!
I'll post thoughts on new anime once they all air.

Senran Kagura - 
Popularity vote results have come out!
To think Mirai would win...

Images for all purchase bonuses:
Not safe for work!
Bigger version of images:

Yagyuu's voice sample and voice actor comments have been added:

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

New Game Info (7/4/12)

It's been a while. Busy exploring my two new games, but I've also been trying to upload a Kid Icarus Damage Calculator on here. No success though. Ran out of ideas how too...

Sales for the week -
Vita doesn't see an increase from new color while 3DS holds steady. Culdcept sold the most games in the series for the first week of sales, though not too much different from the DS game (slight increase).

Rune Factory 4 -
Website updates with screenshots you can see in 3D from your 3DS: