Saturday, July 14, 2012

Kid Icarus thoughts - Bullet Blade

Bullet Blade

One of the more range-focused Blades in the game and also looks pretty... un-magical?
Anyways, as its name goes, a Blade that focuses on shooting bullets at the enemy. According to the figure, thanks to magic, it never runs out of bullets.
It's strong points are:
-Long range for a Blade
-Fast shots
On the other hand:
-Very low homing
-Melee attacks very weak

Although it looks similar to the Artillery Claws, I feel that if you plan to use this Blade, you will have to use a different strategy than the Artillery Claw's standing cont. fire.
The reason is because the Claws have longer range and more power, which means if you plan to focus on standing cont. fire, the Claws would be a better choice.
So after battling with this weapon, I believe the strongest part of this weapon is its dash cont. fire.
Not only does it have power, but it is fast. On top of that, your opponent does not fly when hit with the first barrage of bullets, so you can dash twice and hit them twice before they are sent flying from your attack.
This itself has quite the ability to drain your opponent's health.

However, you can't forget the dash charge attacks too. While not as damaging, it has greater range than the cont. fire. So when you start running out of stamina, switching to walking and charge shots for a while isn't a bad idea.
The charge shot sends your opponent flying, so you can hit them with your dash cont. fire to deal extra damage before they get back up.
However, you should mainly rely on your cont. fire.
All shots are fast, not the easieset to see, and has a fair hitbox, so as long as you aim correctly, it isn't too hard to hit your enemy, unless they are lagging.
But like many low-homing weapons, the side shots are less accurate than the other shots, so mainly alternate between forward and back to hit your opponents.

For skills...
+3 range is pretty nice. Although it does have a good range for a Blade, it is in the end a Blade and is out-ranged by Bows and Staffs. By adding range, you will be able to change this, though they might have +3 range too.
But adding range makes it a lot easier to move around, especially for the cont. fire, which doesn't have 50m without a modifier.
+4 Dash Cont. fire of course is another good choice, as it will be the main attack of this weapon. Because the Side attacks are a bit inaccurate, you could save some value by just doing forward cont. fire, though the back cont. fire is fairly useful too.
You should still have plenty of room for modifiers after these two only, so you could stack Overall Defense to make it easier to move about.
+4 Dash Charge fire isn't a bad choice too.
This weapon doesn't really rely on too many modifiers to work, so there is quite the freedom in choosing yours.

For powers...
If you energy charge, your forward cont. fire will be able to OHKO your opponent if all 4 bullets hit. Of course, your other attacks will become stronger too, but because there is little homing, you will have to be more out in the open and the chances of being hit is higher than other ranged weapons.
Auto-Aim isn't a bad idea, but like other weapons that have no homing, it will become harder to hit opponents that are moving around, especially to the side. The bullets have a good hitbox, so it might be easier to just aim yourself.
Teleport is useful if your opponent tries to take you on directly. Because this Blade has very weak direct attacks, it might be safer to run away when your opponent gets too close.
Other than the ever-so-useful Teleport, there is also a lot of freedom when choosing your Powers, as this weapon does not need to depend on many Powers to function.
Status Ailments like Stone and Freeze will allow you to pummle your opponent with bullets. With Weakening, you basically do twice the damage, which could work instead of Energy Charge.
Bumblebee can be helpful, though you will be constantly moving around.
Reflect Shields and Meteor can help protect you from attacks, range and melee, respectively.

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