Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Self-Made Guild Quest Bragging

So I finally finished leveling up a self-made Right Rajang quest for every weapon type (not counting the difference between Heavy or Light Bowgun) to 100, so I just wanted to show them off.
These are just the best ones I have made and raised, and I actually have other Right Rajang and two-monster quests. Generally, I was just lucky in getting a good Right Rajang quest for each weapon, though I did put in the effort, of course.

Game Sales of the Week (8/27/14)

Mm... No interesting new games out, nothing really interests me to program anything either. Just playing Monster Hunter... Can't wait for October.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kinki no Magna - More Pics (Magazine Scans)

Swimsuits and New Characters, In-Game Events:

Game Sales of the Week (8/6/14)

To be honest, not really an exciting week:
A few new games came out for the 3DS, but all three are minor anime-type games that sell (as expected) less than 10,000. Yes, Precure isn't "minor", but these type of 99%-kid-target series are hard to analyze...

Friday, August 1, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Your Guide to Guild Quests (The Monsters)

Without a doubt, the Guild Quests are the end contents of Monster Hunter 4. And perhaps Ultimate/G, as well, though until it comes out, no one knows. Probably still is.
Anyways, as the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/G nears, I have decided to post (boast) the Guild Quests I have succeeded in creating. Of course, only the good ones, I will talk about.
But for people to understand exactly what I am saying, I have decided to write a guild on Guild Quests. For people interested in Monster Hunter 4, if you are a heavy gamer, have a read. I'll try my best on the details.
<--- Just repeating it because I have nothing else to open the post with

Of course, the most important thing is the available monsters through the Guild Quest
Along with a description, I will also try to note differences that appear when they are affected by the virus and after the quest reaches lv.76. 
But it is a lot to cover, so I might have gotten lazy in places.