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Monster Hunter 4: Your Guide to Guild Quests (The Monsters)

Without a doubt, the Guild Quests are the end contents of Monster Hunter 4. And perhaps Ultimate/G, as well, though until it comes out, no one knows. Probably still is.
Anyways, as the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/G nears, I have decided to post (boast) the Guild Quests I have succeeded in creating. Of course, only the good ones, I will talk about.
But for people to understand exactly what I am saying, I have decided to write a guild on Guild Quests. For people interested in Monster Hunter 4, if you are a heavy gamer, have a read. I'll try my best on the details.
<--- Just repeating it because I have nothing else to open the post with

Of course, the most important thing is the available monsters through the Guild Quest
Along with a description, I will also try to note differences that appear when they are affected by the virus and after the quest reaches lv.76. 
But it is a lot to cover, so I might have gotten lazy in places.

 From easiest difficulty to the highest difficulty setting (in general):

Velocidrome -
Very easy, with low HP, predictable attack pattern, low defenses, and pretty much low everything. On a stage with vines, he becomes beyond easy, as he flinches very easily. However, beware that he only gets ensnared by the vines if you hit his head.
Virus mode - No longer such a pushover, as his body structure hardens, making him more resilient to attacks. His body hardens quite a bit. Since he no longer receives as much damage, it also becomes harder to make him flinch.
High level quests - He uses his Pin Attack without the set-up movement. Considering it is so easy to break free in the first place and he won't do that much damage if you are up on the vines where the small ones can't reach you, it isn't really an important change.
Getting his quest - It may be expected, but the easiest way to get his quest is by taking out Velocidrome.

Yian Kut-Ku -
Personally, I hate Kut-ku for his tail swipe. Then again, I generally hate that move, any monster that uses it. Other than that, the only thing that really is "difficult" about Kut-Ku is his panic run + fireball, where you might hit the fireball while avoiding the panic run. He is very soft, especially his wings, though his tail and head are just as good targets. Although he can be ensnared by vines, it requires a flinch while attacking his feet, which are quite hard and not preferred targets.
Virus mode - When he uses his panic run, he will run once more back the way he came. Quite annoying, but easy to avoid if you remember he will come back.
High level quests - The nastiest part of all, that makes Kut-ku not so pleasant is that he ignores his set-up motion for his panic runs. Already annoying as it is, now it is even harder to dodge.
Getting his quest - Similar to Velocidrome, taking out Kut-ku or the Blue one gives you a high chance.

Basarios -
Also known as a target for Gunners and for good reason, as almost all of his attacks are close-range. Any attack that can reach a Gunner is very predictable and easy to dodge. Because of his size, pierce-type shots hit their mark very well. Upon destroying his stomach, the damage he receives jumps up quite the amount. Although easy to dodge, do beware that he can poison and sleep you. Also, when he spits a fireball, the drool also does damage.
Virus mode - Nothing noticeable
High level quests - When he rolls, he can roll twice now. Also, his tackle will slightly curve as he tries to predict your dodging beforehand in order to hit you.
Getting his quest - Take out this guy. If it is Rare, he won't appear, so the next monster with a good chance will be Neryuskura.

Blue Yian Kut-Ku -
Compared with the original one, he has a beak stamp attack that generally is easy to avoid and take advantage of. He is stronger, but that is about it. Not many differences. His tail is a lot harder than the original though.
Virus mode - Same as original
High level quests - Same as original
Getting his quest - If you are trying to create a Right Rajang, you will see him more than you want. Other than the highest possibility, which is defeating Blue Kut-ku, the monsters with the highest chances of creating a Rajang quest happens to also have a high chance of creating this monster's quest. Bleh...

Pink Basarios -
Even more of a target for Gunners, because unlike the original, he has an additional attack where he stops and shakes the gems on his back to the ground. Annoying for close-range weapons, but it is no threat at all to Gunners. Other than that, there is not much difference.
Virus mode - Nothing noticeable
High level quests - Other than the same changes with Basarios, his gems now have a 100% KO rate. One hit and you are knocked out and in danger of being hit again. Also, his poison becomes Deadly poison.
Getting his quest - Take out this guy when he appears during a Rare exploration. During a none-Rare one, the original Basarios has the highest chance.

Zinogre -
The amount of rewards his quest gives is fairly large. However, the quality is low. Combined with Rajang, this all changes. However, at Lv.100, Zinogre has the most health of all monsters, which can be annoying. In general, he is easy to fight, as his movements are obvious, but at high levels, he possess two instant death moves, one where he jumps up and slams down on his back and another where he twirls his entire body into the air. The one where he slams down is fairly easy to dodge, but the other one has a special trajectory. Needless to say, he needs to fully charge and then get angry afterwards, making the Challenger skill not so useful against him. His head is high, which makes it hard for smaller weapons to hit it, but his back legs are also quite soft, so that would be another good target.
Virus mode - Since his speed randomly slows down or speeds up, the timing to dodge his normally obvious attack is... not so obvious anymore. Also, his body slightly hardens.
High level quests - His paw stamp now will randomly hit three times or once followed by a charged one. This randomness is one reason he is harder to fight than the Stygian version.
Getting his quest - Only two monsters produce him and neither have that high of a chance either. Khezu has the highest chance, but he only appears at random and you never know if he will show up during an exploration (one of the other three). The other one is Tetsucabra, who only appears in none-rare Explorations.

Goa Magara-
A one-monster only quest and at the same time, the quality of his reward is not so good. Since he cannot be used in a Right Rajang quest, he isn't a really popular monster. Also, because his normal mode uses sudden tackles and he has a move where he causes you to flinch by wind before spitting a blast at you, he is considered harder than Shagara Magara. However, it is possible to fight him with any weapon, unlike Kirin of the same group, so for Retire Marathons, his quest is not that bad for leveling.
High level quests - His ground slam now causes tremors.
Getting his quest - Very easy. Just fight him when he appears in a Rare exploration. He only appears, it seems, when the exploration preview shows him, so it is easy to find him too.

Tigrex -
A difficult opponent, as he is fast when he is angry, does a lot of damage, and gives you little time to hit him. After he charges at you, he will then look back and charge at you again. Along with scream, he does a very short and very fast charge. He does a charge where he curves around at a corner to come back at you.
In other words, Charge charge charge.
However, he can be ensnared in vines, making quests where he starts at the vine area fairly popular. Rather, a quest where he is not on vines is quite inefficient. A popular method of defeating him is for 4 people with Great Swords to constantly slash his head. The Great Sword can do big damage to one spot (the head in this case), making it possible to continuously trap Tigrex and keep him from moving.
Also, the Flash Bomb works well, as it easily hits Tigrex and stops him from charging.
His reward quality is low and thus requires Rajang as a partner.
Virus mode - His curving tackle and jump charge now are +1. So if his curving tackle curves 3 times normally, when virus-ed, Tigrex curves 4 times total.
High level quests - His curving charge now has the accuracy of his curving charge when he is not angry. Normally, when he is angry, the curving is somewhat poor while when he is not angry, he is pretty much going to come back at you in a straight line.
Getting his quest -Very difficult to get his quest too, like Zinogre. During Rare explorations, the only one monster is Nerskyura, who still doesn't have that great of a chance. Non-Rare, Basarios and Purple Gypceros release Tigrex, though the chances aren't that high either. On top of that, the chances of Tigrex being on vines...

Kirin -
Because of Kirin's characteristic of hardening his body to an impenetrable level when he is angry, very few weapons can fight efficiently. However, Kirin has very low health, comparatively. This makes using a Sleep-inducing weapon with a skill that can ignore the hardness of the body an easy method for defeating Kirin. Make him fall asleep, place bombs, blow up, and repeat.
Another way is to use a weapon like a Great Sword that can accurately hit Kirin's soft face.
However, with the right methods, no monster can be defeated quicker.
In Right Rajang quests, because Kirin and Rajang's body hardness is so different, it makes doing the quest somewhat... restrictive. If 4 players get together, they have enough bombs to simply sleep bomb them all. 4 Great Swords work well too. However, despite being annoying, Kirin gives little reward and Right Rajang quests do not give much either, comparing to other monsters of similar difficulty level.
Also, Kirin controls the paralysis status, making accidental deaths quite common.
High level quests - When he calls lightning bolts from the sky around him, not only do the bolts drop faster, but one bolt will home in and strike the target player.
Getting his quest - The easiest way is Nerskyura, Khezu has a higher chance, but you never know is he will appear in an exploration + he will at the quickest, be the 2nd monster to appear in the exploration, making the spider a better choice if you want an one-monster quest. For Right Rajang, both work just as well, though you still won't know if Khezu will appear until after you start an exploration.

Brute Tigrex -
Compared to the original, Brute is easier to fight because whenever Tigrex would charge at you, the Brute version will roar. Of course, the roar is dangerous, but compared to charges, there is far more opening.
While Brute will occasionally charge too, at higher levels, because the high-level boost goes to his roar, his charge will remain inaccurate when he is angry.
Similar to the original, hitting his head causes him to become ensnared in vines, and using Flash Bombs is effective too.
Virus mode - Same as Tigrex
High level quests - His Great Roar no longer has the cool-down motion. Also, he will sometimes do a double Great Roar. You can tell the difference as he holds his breath for longer than usual. This double Roar is quite dangerous because on the 2nd roar, he moves back in order to slightly home in on the target. If the target avoids the damage but gets paralyzed by the noise, the 2nd will likely hit him before he can move out of the way.
Getting his quest -A lot easier than Tigrex, as many monsters produce this guy. The highest possibility comes from defeating Tigrex, but he does not appear on the preview of the exploration. As for monsters that do appear on the preview, Black Gravios and Red Khezu are your best bets.

Yian Garuga -
The demon of demons. Very fast with powerful attacks. His tail poisons you, he unleashes wind along with his roar, he combos from his Panic Run into various attacks, his beak smash hits in a far greater area than it looks (pretty much 180 degrees), parts of his body are incredibly hard... Anyways, a real monster. Not a monster you really want to fight. Shagaru Magara and Rajang have the same appearance in rewards yet have better quality and amount. On top of that, Garuga's rewards are not high in quality at all, despite being do difficult to defeat.
Virus mode - None of his moves change, but Garuga is one of the very few monsters that NEVER speed down in the virus mode. In fact, his speed becomes 1.0 ~ x1.4, making his already fast movements even faster.
High level quests - His charge no longer has the set-up motion. Not that it had much of a set-up motion in the first place...
Getting his quest - Thankfully, it is easy to avoid getting his quest, as the three monsters with the highest chance of creating a Garuga quest are all monsters that suck when it comes to making Right Rajangs: Yian Garuga himself, Rathalos, and Azure Rathalos.

Finally the monsters that 100% give the top quality rewards (Kouei no ---):

Brachydios -
Another extremely fearsome monster, easily topping the difficulty scale with his pal, Yian Garuga. Though I personally think Garuga is stronger. Either way, like Garuga, his reward amount does not fit his difficulty. That said, at least Brachy's reward quality is high.
Like Garuga, he is a strong monster in general. He combos his moves, he is fast, and along with the slime he produces, he can cause a lot of damage in a short amount of time.
Virus mode - Unlike Garuga, he can become slower, but his max speed is nasty. And creepy. The slime he produces on the field will explode at random speed. He also gets softer.
High level quests - When he uses his horn to create a line of explosions, he now can follow it up with another line of explosions.
Getting his quest - Seltas Queen, Rathian, and Pink Rathian are your best bets. Just like with Garuga, the monsters you do not want to meet in explorations tend to produce this guy. I guess one of the reasons you don't want to meet them is because they create quests involving these demons.

Kirin Sub-Species -
The ice version of Kirin. Like the other sub-species, Kirin's is also considered easier to fight than the original. That is because getting hit by ice and losing stamina more quickly is not as dangerous as turning into a sitting target. Ice Kirin's general ice attack pops in three locations, but because it does not surround Kirin and there is no targeting bolt, it leaves more opening. Finally, Ice Kirin's powerful elemental attack unleashes a line of icicles. More or less, this leaves as much opening as the original.
High level quests - Kirin will sometimes unleash a line of icicles right after the first line. However, it goes through its charge motion for both, so it is easy enough to tell and be able to get away.
Getting his quest - It is quite difficult to get this monster, because the two monsters with the highest chance are the two Rathians. And even then, the chances of them giving Ice Kirin is low, lower than monsters such as Yian Garuga.

Stygian Zinogre -
In ways, he is stronger than the original Zinogre, but in other ways, he is weaker. Compared to the original, his attacks are even more turn-based. They are generally all obvious, where the attack begins and ends and when you can attack. However, it also requires experience and knowledge, but that is something that eventually builds up.
When he is not charged, his most worrisome attacks is
-He jumps backwards before lunging at the target (it usually hits other players in the process, and he gets behind you)
-Slaps his head at you and follows with a tail slam (the head knocks you off the feet so the follow-up tail will also hit you
When he is charged, he will generally use more combos. For instance, lunge followed by a tail slam. Like the original Ogre, he will use back slams and tail twirls, both which can do instant death damage at high levels.
When he is charged and angry, that is where you really need to be careful. Most of his combos get a +1. For instance, he now combos the back slam with a tail twirl. Lunge followed by a tail slam will get another lunge of sorts after it.
In the end, dangerous when he is angry and annoying because of the Dragon element he controls, but once you get used to him, he is easy to fight. He also has great reward quantity and quality.
Virus mode -He becomes softer
High level quests -He now does a charged paw slam attack like the original Zinogre, except he always does a double slam, charging the 2nd.
Getting his quest -Black Gravios and Tigrex both have a high chance of getting this monster, though the monster they have the highest chance of producing is Brute Tigrex. The monster with the highest chance is Gravios (original), though 2nd easiest monster to be produced by Gravios is Teo, which kills 2-monster quests.

Shagara Magara -
Many of his attacks do heavy damage and he has three attacks (ground slam, explosion breath, back-jump spit breath) that can instantly kill at high levels, but in general, all of his attacks have long and obvious wind-up motion. In a way, you can compare that part to Stygian Zinogre. However, when he becomes angry and roars in the sky, landmines will start appearing randomly around the map. No matter how used to Magara a player is, random landmines can cause accidental deaths.
Because of his attacks, he is usually a good target for Gunners, though most of his attacks (other than tackles) can kill instantly. Out of his group (Yian Garuga, Rajang, Shagara), he is the only monster will no other monster will enter the quest at random, making his quest easy in that sense. He gives a good amount of rewards, along with virus crystals.
High level quests - His ground slam causes tremors
Getting his quest - Two monsters, Goa Magara and Seltas Queen give him, but considering Shagara is a one-monster quest monster, you only really need to defeat Goa Magara when he appears in the preview of a Rare exploration.

Rajang -
Rajang's attacks are fierce and fast, but surprisingly, none of them cause instant death-damage. Of course, getting combo-ed and dying is well likely to happen. For instance, when he backsteps, you will receive damage and fly FORWARD, making you prey to his laser beam. When he hardens his arm and does a ground pound, if the ground pound hits you and you hit a wall, you will 100% get knocked out and turn into a sitting duck.
However, once you get used to him, it can be surprisingly quick to defeat him because his body is incredibly soft. Truly a glass cannon. Stay behind him and attack his legs, but don't let your guard down, or his backstep will make full contact with you. He makes a grunt before he uses it.
High level quests - He becomes Golden Rajang. Yep, that is all. No real change in moves. One of the reason Rajang is surprisingly easy to fight.
Getting his quest - The most treasured and popular(?) monster right now, Rajang. The monster with the highest chance is Gypceros, but he is one of those monsters that never appear in the preview. In a rare exploration, your best bets are Velocidrome and Emerald Congalala. In a none-Rare one, the original Congalala and Kecha Wacha are your best bets, though the Rare ones have a higher chance.

Teostra -
Out of all one-monster quest, Teostra gives the most rewards. While he is not really hard to fight, he comes with several nasty characteristics.
For instance, he controls the explosion element, meaning if you get hit while afflicted by it, you receive extra damage.
When he reverts from Rage mode to normal mode, he causes a Big Bang explosion that does massive damage as well as 100% KO anyone hit.
And most important is his dreaded no-motion tackle. Not only is there no start-up motion, but because the tackle is his way of moving and not an actual attack(?), it becomes possible that he will tackle the same target more than once in a row.
That said, the safest part when fighting him is near his hind legs, which also happens to be very soft too, so with experience, it can be surprisingly easy to fight him... Maybe. There is a skill to block the explosive element and ways to force him out of Rage mode (without the Big Bang), so the main cause of death is his tackles.
High level quests - When he swipes in front of him and creates a cloud of powder, he follows it up by igniting it. If you touch the cloud and not his claw, you will fall on your butt and be susceptible to the following explosion.
Getting his quest - Gravios and Goa Magara are your best bets. But considering Gravios can never appear first in a quest, since he is a monter that does not appear in the preview, Goa might be the most efficient monster.

Kushala Daora -
The strange part is that despite being so difficult to fight against, with him spraying wind everywhere and roaring, he gives fewer rewards than Teostra and Shagara.
His Dragon Wind cannot be negated by any skill, so you can never be able to avoid being knocked off your feet by it. By poisoning him, his wind barrier drops one level down. Only certain weapons can really fight well with him. His body is also harder. So he is just an annoying monster to face. Not particularly difficult though.
Also, his charged giant tornado attack will instantly kill at high levels.
High level quests - His tower tornadoes will curve around. He starts off with a barrier of Dragon Wind, instead of putting it up when he becomes angry.
Getting his quest - Garara Ajara is your best bet. He can appear in the preview of a Rare exploration.

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