Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (7/30/14)

It's already August.............

Anyways, don't forget Kinki no Magna! The website already updated with the enemy(?) characters.

And, this week:

-I thought it might make it to 2 million this week, but it was a little weaker than I thought. Also considering the possibility of decreasing in the following weeks, it looks like it may take another 2 weeks? to reach 2 million. I'm talking about Youkai Watch 2, BTW.

-The new game in the highest position is Yoshi New Island at 2nd, at 58,285.
The Yoshi Island DS seemed to have did 254,523, which is a lot more than New Island. However, it seems that New Island is available for download, and it is a free option that comes with a purchase of a DSLL, so I guess that played a part in this result.

-Other than that, 3 other new games for the PS consoles. All seem to be anime-type games though...

-Thanks to it becoming Summer break in Japan? But older games get a boost, such as Mario Kart 8, which suddenly returned to 3rd.

-System-wise, nothing too spectacular.

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