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Monster Hunter 4: Your Guide to Guild Quests (Guild Quest Structure)

Without a doubt, the Guild Quests are the end contents of Monster Hunter 4. And perhaps Ultimate/G, as well, though until it comes out, no one knows. Probably still is.
Anyways, as the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/G nears, I have decided to post (boast) the Guild Quests I have succeeded in creating. Of course, only the good ones, I will talk about.
But for people to understand exactly what I am saying, I have decided to write a guild on Guild Quests. For people interested in Monster Hunter 4, if you are a heavy gamer, have a read. I'll try my best on the details.
<--- Just repeating it because I have nothing else to open the post with

This time, the structure of Guild Quests. If something does not follow the structure, you can be sure it is hacked.

Every monster has a set level range the quest can start out at.
has the levels of every monster.
If a quest has two monsters, it takes the average to get the starting level. When you send a Guild Quest to someone else, it always returns to its original level. However, a glitch perhaps, but if a monster is set to go berserk with the virus in the next quest and you send the Guild Quest to someone, the flag is not reset and the monster is still set to go off with the virus.

There are various types of terrain, with different variations as well. Going by the names given by the Japanese community, there are the different types of terrain available in Guild Quests-
Hill - There is an elevated terrain in the middle of the map, with the rest being flat terrain. Every monster can enter this area.

Slanted - Similar to a hill, except there is elevated spot to jump from. So it is just flat terrain that slants a bit. Every monster can enter this terrain.

River - A very wide area with water running through it. The most treasured area available, because of how wide it is. The water also allows you to clear away fire easily. All monsters can enter this terrain.

Cliff - As the name says, an area with a cliff. It is somewhat small to fight in, with two possible very small paths leading to the widest area. Jinogre class, Velocidrome, Kirin class, and Magara class cannot enter.

Vines - An area with the levels, with the top being a field of vines. Monsters like Tigrex can be ensnared in them, making it a lot easier to take down. Kirin class, Jinogre class, Teo, Kushara, Rajang, Brachydios cannot enter.

Cavern - A cave-like area. In two of the three possible variations, there are poles of vines you can climb and jump from. Monsters can only move to and from this area from the opening (at the top) of the cavern. Only Rajang, Tigrex class, and Jinogre class can enter.

Pillar - An area full of pillars, kind of like a ruins of sorts. Only the Tigrex class can enter this area, and this is the only area they can get their fangs caught in and drop something.

Cat - An area no monster can enter. There are items you can gather.

Labyrinth - No monsters can enter this area, which is full of small monsters and items. However, it is very large in general, takes time to run through, and thus, is hated when it appears between areas a monster can move into.

-There will always be at least two different terrains a monster of the Guild Quest can enter.
-In the case of a two-monster Guild Quest, each monster can move to two different terrains and there will ALWAYS be one terrain both can be at at the same time
-Monsters that enter the fray, that are not the Guild Quest's target monster is not subject to the above requirements
-The quest can be 3 maps total or 4 maps total, all decided at random. Starting position of each monster (and other information like sleeping location), the location of the treasure area, and the number of blue mining points in the treasure area are all random.

-Depending on the monster's difficulty level as well as the monster itself, the number of items you get as well as the quality of them changes. The worst reward comes from Velocidrome and the monster that gives the most is Teo.
-Depending on the monster, the appearance of the armor and weapons differs
-In a two-monster quest, the quality of the reward is determined by the strongest monster of the Guild Quest + extra, depending on the other monster. The appearance is determined by the left monster.

Because of this system, Right Rajang was born. Out of all monsters that can be in a two-monster quest, Rajang has the highest quality for rewards. Take the monster whose weapon/armor's appearance you like and put it on the left. Now you can get quest rewards of high quality of your target appearance.
Of course, this is for clearing the quest itself.

Another way to gain weapon/armor is to do a Reset Marathon. This is where you reset the quest until it becomes "Rare", save, and then enter the quest and go to the treasure area. You take all of the blue mining points, suicide 3 times, and check the results. If you like it, save. Else, reset so the quest is back to Rare. Repeat. No matter what the monster's difficulty/reward quality is, the content in the treasure area is the same.

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