Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (7/16/14)

A surprisingly active week? Though not for me. It is a shame all of the games I want are gathered together (Monster Hunter, Pokemon, Magna)...

Anyways, here is a (very small) pic of three new characters for Kinki no Magna:
Some guy?
Enemy's little girl (spirit?)

And on topic, this week's sales:

-Without a doubt, the star of this week is Youkai Watch 2. Not only did it top the list, but it did over a million in its FIRST week. There are very few games that do that.
On top of that, the first Youkai Watch game only did 52,901 in its first week, eventually reaching past the 1.5 million mark. Now that is amazing.
The only question now is if the creator of the game can maintain the popularity.

-Freedom Wars doing very steadily for a Vita game

-Thank to Youkai Watch, 3DS doubles.
And... Vita doubles too?!
It seems a new color and value package came out... Which was... this attractive? Kind of weird, but I guess these are the reasons for the increase.

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