Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Your Guide to Guild Quests (Creating Your Own)

Without a doubt, the Guild Quests are the end contents of Monster Hunter 4. And perhaps Ultimate/G, as well, though until it comes out, no one knows. Probably still is.
Anyways, as the release of Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate/G nears, I have decided to post (boast) the Guild Quests I have succeeded in creating. Of course, only the good ones, I will talk about.
But for people to understand exactly what I am saying, I have decided to write a guild on Guild Quests. For people interested in Monster Hunter 4, if you are a heavy gamer, have a read. I'll try my best on the details.

This time, how to get your own Guild Quests. All Guild Quests start somewhere, after all.

Go exploring! Yes, exploration. In Monster Hunter 4, there are two selections available on the world map, one Blue and one Red. The Blue one is the low-level type, the Red one is the high-level type.
In general, the only one you really want to care about is the high-level one. The low-level one will only get you really weak monsters. There is very little variation to what type of Guild Quests come out of that. On the other hand, the high-level one can net you Jinogre, Rajang, and the ancient dragons such as Teo and Shagara Magara.

Every time you prepare to go exploring, you will see one or two monsters, as a preview. Not including the monsters in the preview, three other monsters will appear. That means if the preview showed one monster, a total of four will appear on your trip. Two in the preview means five will appear.
There are certain monsters that only appear as one of those "three other monsters" and other monsters that appear in the preview or as one of those "three other monsters."

As part of the Monster Hunter system, a total of 2 monsters can be in the exploration area at once. The first will be placed on the map. After 5 minutes, the next monster in line has a CHANCE of appearing. If it does not appear, it will have another chance, but a higher chance, in a couple of minutes. Whenever the total number of monsters in the exploration area drops to one, this process is repeated with the next monster in line, until all 5 have appeared.

There is no time limit or death limit during explorations, so you have plenty of space for mistakes. However, after a certain time, monsters on the map will leave the map COMPLETELY, making them impossible to defeat.
For every monster you defeat, you get points (which is used throughout the game). If you reach the end, where the cart is, and end your exploration there (you can end anywhere, anytime though), your points is multiplied by x1.2 and the rarity level (I guess you can call it that) increases by one.

Sometimes, the exploration will have a "Rare" mark on it. The chance of the exploration being "Rare" is determined by the rarity level, with a full 5 being 100%. Upon entering a Rare exploration, it drops back to one.
Monsters that appear will be different that a normal exploration, NOT counting the monsters that only appear as one of those "three other monsters."

Upon ending your exploration at anytime, depending on the monsters you defeated and the number you defeated as well as how many drops you collected from the monster, you will get a different Guild Quest.

How a Guild Quest's content is decided:
  1. First, for each of the monsters you fought, it is checked to see if a Guild Quest monster came out of that monster.
    1. If you defeated the monster, +80%. Collecting something they dropped increases the chance by 10%, 2 drops 20, then 40, 60, 90, and with 6 drops, 100%. Defeating the same monster twice (if the monster appears twice during one exploration) gives you an outright 100%.
  2. What Guild Quest monster comes out of each monster that succeeded in Step 1. Every monster has a different chance of different Guild Quest monsters. Unfortunately, every monster has a "Miss" slot here, so it is possible to get this "Miss" slot instead of a Guild Quest monster.  In general, Rare exploration-only monsters has a lower chance of being "Miss"ed.
  3. The first monster of your Guild Quest is chosen out of these monsters.
  4. The game checks to see if the Guild Quest is a two-monster quest. 
    1. If you defeated 1 monster during the exploration, that is 0%. 2 is 35%, then 50, 75, and if you defeated 5, that is 100%.
    2. The same monster does not count towards the monster count. In other words, how many DIFFERENT monsters you defeated
  5. If Step 4 succeeds, the 2nd monster of your Guild Quest is chose out of these monsters not including the one already selected or any monsters that are the same one.
  6. Your Guild Quest is complete. The 1st monster is on the right, the 2nd is on the left.
    1. If one of those monsters is a "Miss", then your Guild Quest becomes a 1-monster quest.
    2. If one of those monsters is a 1-monster-only type (Goa Magara, Shagara Magara, Teo, Kushadaora), then it takes priority and the Guild Quest becomes a 1-monster quest.

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