Monday, July 8, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei IV Fusion Chart

EDIT 1: Fixed a couple of mistakes

This is the fusion chart for Shin Megami Tensei IV.
I used my own game to collect all of the data, so it should be correct, but if there is something missing, please tell.
I did not include the DLC-only classes, as I do not have the complete information on their fusions.

The coloring and borders for the Primes just are there to tell you what they are.
The ones without borders are the lower-level Primes like Aeros and the ones with borders are the higher ones, like Sylph.


  1. I don't have the Japanese version, I am waiting for the US release; however, it looks like DLC demons are special fusions: Here is the elemental up/down chart: The fusion chart used to be on this page: but it looks like they moved it to a spreadsheet download:

    Also I am working on a tool of my own. I still need to do some rough translations of the skills and actually get the game (^_^)P I designed it so it can be used offline or embedded into an Android tablet app that doesn't require a connection. It is also designed to easily be re-translated once everything is confirmed with the localization as all the logic for matching skills and so forth is using the Japanese behind the scenes.

  2. That's an interesting tool.
    I had thought about doing that type myself, but there was already an applet on the JP wiki site that did the same thing you are working, so I decided to work on the fusion aspect.
    To be honest, this chart is something I created to help myself create the fusion calculator I am working on, where you choose specific demons to get specific results.

  3. I want to add a lot more, including fusion, missions, and maybe maps. Only thing is, I don't have a game to glean info from yet and my Japanese is poor. It might get updated more in 6 days...