Saturday, July 20, 2013

Etrian Odyssey Untold : Diary 7

Post since I beated Classic~

 BTW, the screenshot above is a Classic-only boss. Quest boss, that is, to unlock your Guild area.

 Anyways, beat Classic. I used, of course, a whole different party from Story. I wanted to try various things, but I ended up settling with this party.
Since the strongest equipment were available to me from the beginning, since this is New Game+, I was able to breeze through the earlier parts of the game. However, that started settling down once I reached floors 16-25.

Bushido 1 and 2.
They both have the same skill set. Their main strategy is to enter their stance and prepare to chase all of the allies' normal attacks. That's all.
I also gave them a Grimoire of Land Rush, from Forest Cell, so they can unleash a powerful attack without a stance when needed.

 Dark Hunter:
I guess she had the smallest role in the party, but I guess her role is to bind the most important body part of the opponent. This really helped in taking out shiny FOEs, such as binding the Bear's arms.
Skill-wise, I gave her full for Anaconda (powerful poison, deals over 700 at Lv10 + Boost) and the three Binds. I decided to go with the whips because I just didn't want to use swords.
That said, I did get Activate from Forest Cell, which makes it easier to deal status ailments for 5 turns.

Since I already used Medic (Simon) in Story, I decided to go with Ranger in Classic. With the passive skill Efficient, all of the healing items used by her has double the effect. I also have plenty of money, so I was able to buy plenty of Somas and other healing items.
However, there is no area healing item for Binds or Status Ailments, so I relied on the detective for that. My party aims at defeating the enemy as fast as possible, so five turns is enough (the detective's enchantments last 5 turns or until used up).
Skill-wise, I focused on Efficient and the harvesting skills. I also gave her a few offensive bow skills, but I don't think I really used them. She is also fast, so she can start the Bushido's chase before the enemy attacks.

Holy Gift to increase experience and elemental enchantment songs for the Bushido, against enemies resistant to physical elements.
That, and I want to get Holy Gift grimoires in preparation for training a Cell-defeating team, so I wanted to go ahead and raise a Bard.

 Icon added for finishing Story!

Now I plan to use my Story team to breeze through the annoying 6th area and start grinding on the last floor.

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