Thursday, July 4, 2013

Etrian Odyssey Untold : Diary 2

 This time is about Gladheim Area 1 and Floors 6-10.

 Once you reach the pole thing that allows you to return to town or save, you will gain the ability to go to the 1st area of Gladsheim (a different section from the first time). Even if you want to skip this part, the game will not allow you to reach floor 7 until you do clear it.
Despite weak enemies and only one floor, you end up fighting a boss at the end, which I felt to be pretty quick considering I just already beat a boss.
Of course, you CANNOT go to this area in Classic.

Carmine Beak(?)
A new model, I believe. One of the FOEs sleeping in the area, that awakens when you turn on the lights. Due to the fact it sleeps while it is dark, you can easily earn a free turn by sneaking up behind it.
It doesn't really have any really special attacks, but it can deal heavy damage to one target and blind him. It can also hit your back row.
Movement: Follows you 1 step per step once it realizes you until you leave the room.

 Thrashing Camel(?)
Similar to the bird above, it sleeps until you turn on the lights, allowing you to easily sneak up on it.
All of his skills are physical attacks and simple, but as a FOE, he packs a punch. And his skills can pierce or hit a line, so make sure all of your characters are will protected.
Movement: Moves up and down in one line

Quarrel or whatever (クァール)
The boss of Area 1. 
When you first enter his room, you are forced to battle him, but because the room is dark, you can't hit him. You have to run away and turn on the lights before you can stand a chance. However, once you turn on the lights, the Carmine Beaks (two of them) will wake up and chase after you. It is best to defeat them first before challenging the boss, because otherwise, one character will either have to throw distraction bombs or else you will have to fight two FOEs + a boss. Once the lights are on, the boss will fall asleep, allowing you an extra turn by sneaking up on his back.

He has various attacks, but all damaging ones are physical. The main one to watch out for is a special move (with a separate animation!) he uses ever 4 turns, which hits your entire party for massive damage. He doesn't use it randomly, so you need to prepare by defending or something on the 4n turns.
He also has moves that lower your attack or make you fall asleep, but I didn't have much trouble there. The party-targeting sleep move missed most of its targets. I was able to defeat him after realizing he uses that special move on certain turns.

And then finally, after defeating him, you are allowed to move on in your journey.

Welcome to the inside of the forest. You have to sidetrack quite a bit before you can get to the boss, such as getting the dragon's egg or finding the missing father of a small girl.

 But without a doubt, one of the dullest parts of these floors is the quest to stay FIVE days on the 8th floor. Luckily, there is a spring that fully heals your party as much as you want, so it isn't hard. Just dull. But I guess the experience is nice.
Thankfully, in Story mode, it isn't as bad as it originally was. This is because when it reaches 7 at night, your party will ask if you want to rest for the day and by choosing yes, you get to sleep until morning of the next day. On top of that, if you choose to sleep some more, you will get to sleep until noon, meaning you only need to move 7 hours each day.
Also, at the end of each day, when you decide to stop for the day, you get a camp scene with each character, so you can interact with them and learn more about them.

 Not only is there a spring on the 8th floor, but Tsukuru and Ren are near the boss on the 10th floor and will heal you fully as much as you want, which really helps for grinding. Also, thanks to the floor jump function in this game, you can go to the spring to heal instead of the inn, to save money. It is pretty close to the stairs.

The Forest Destroyer
Can't forget this guy. He helped you tear down trees in IV.
He is fairly simple. Aside from doing physical damage, he also has the ability to cause Terror on your party, but to be honest, Terror is a lot kinder than Sleep or Confusion.
Movement: Circles an area, 1 step per step

Giant Moa
Another known FOE. Just like before, he is very simple to fight, as he simply does physical damage to one target. Very simple.
Movement: Every 4? steps, he turns 90 degrees. If you are in front, he will notice you and chase you for a certain distance.

Assasin of the Forest
His model is just a bigger version of the normal scorpion enemy?
His attacks are just as simple as the giant bird above, but his skill is really strong and can cause status ailments like Paralysis.
Also, unlike that bird, he has resistances and weaknesses.
What is really annoying is that he is invisible until you get near him and you have to either out-maneuver him or defeat him to move on.

 Titan of Disasters
 New model? I believe.
He does the Charge -> Strong Attack combo, so if you bring along those flinch bombs, he is fairly easy. Although if you are unlucky, he will use his take down skill to do big damage without charging, so you can't let your guard down.
Movement: Moves in a line until he notices you. Once he does, he moves towards you, one step per step. But if you leave his sight? He returns to moving in a line. But sometimes changes directions?
Not that clear on his movements...

And then the boss on the 10th floor.
I'm not going to bother spelling his name, but it is the same one as in the first game.
 Aside from his physical attacks (he only has physical attacks), he also has a skill that targets your entire party for head binding. If you are unlucky, your healer (Simon) could be binded or paralyzed by a different attack, so be prepared to heal with items to a point.
Every five turns, he enters a stance (the same as his pose in the original game) where he counters your physical attacks. As expected but the counter really hurts.
 Once you reduce his life, he summons Healer Balls (two of them) behind him, that heal him each turn. I believe just like in the previous game, the key is to take out 1 (taking out both will cause him to summon more) and just do more damage than that 1 can heal each turn. You can also Sleep or Head Bind the remaining one to shut out healing for a few turns.

 Also, one way to prepare for the boss fight is to hunt down a Bud of the World Tree.
These enemies only appear one certain spaces on the map and rarely appear (not that rare though). They are very weak and appear alone.
Once you defeat them, they drop a special material that when sold, produces a costly but strong accessory. It greatly boosts your HP and TP and your luck as well.

And here is my level and money as of defeating the boss.


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  2. hello I wanted to ask how to get to Gadheim zone 2 after defeating the final boss

    1. If it is after defeating the final boss, you will no longer be able to go to Gladheim. You'll have to start a new game+