Sunday, June 30, 2013

Etrian Odyssey Untold : Diary 1

So I'm thinking about writing about EQ after passing each set of floors, and I just finished the first set.
It's been far too long since I played Etrian Odyssey 1, so I can't really compare it with the remake.

And while your party is made up of set classes with set names, you can still name your protagonist and choose his actions during dialogues. I don't know if choosing different options will affect the story, but I don't think so?
And I couldn't think up a good name, so I just gave him a name that would make me laugh.
And to be honest, I sometimes forget that was my name and not part of the basic dialogue...

Well, first thing first, in the remake, and at least in the Story mode, there is a new building that you can enter. You will also be able to name it. I named it after the demon fusing building in Megami Tensei (Jakyou no Yakata). You can use Kanji in this game.

The Paladin's maid stays there and helps you with various features in the game.
-By paying a small sum, she will make drinks or such for your party which will have certain effects, which last until you leave the labyrinth and return to the city.
-You can fuse or equip Grimoires
-She stores your items. Unlike other games, it seems you can store 99 DIFFERENT items with her. You can store 99 of each item as well?
-Modify your adventure card, create save data to pass on to new game+(?), and other streetpass features
-Randomly give you easy quests, such as getting certain items or defeating certain enemies
-Randomly give you items

And while there isn't much to say, here is my party's skill and Grimoire sets. If I don't have a picture of the Grimoire of a certain character, that means it isn't of any importance at all.
My protagonist equips a Grimoire you can get as an event in the labyrinth. It contains the three skills to boost your item searching (mining, and such)
For now, I am focusing my skill points on Delay Charge, because it seems to be his most efficient skill for dealing damage (to single enemy).


I'm not sure how to use my skill points on Lakuna yet, so I am storing them up. I'll probably boost her elemental block skills first?

Simon has a Grimoire which containts the Ice magic of the bunny enemy. He doesn't have any offensive skills as a Medic, so it gives him something to do.
For now, skill points to boost TP and Area Heal?

His starting Grimoire? Level 3 gives him a better chance at finding rare items.
For now, I'm not sure how to use his skill points, but I probably will just use them boosting one skill for each element.

Working on Recharge, so she can regain some TP she uses up. And then I will work on her elemental shots, probably.

 So anyways, good old first set of floors. The pretty forest and those rats and armadillos and other creatures.

At least until you beat the boss, there is an event you can use infinitely near the end of the 3rd floor that heals your HP and TP, which really saves your money since you don't need to go to the Inn.
And allows you for longer journeys, especially thanks to the Jump function in this game.

Jump Function: Upon reaching the staircase of a map, after exploring enough of it, the Jump function to that staircase is unlocked. At anytime, you can touch the staircase on the touchscreen and you will immediately jump in front of it. You can use this instead of the string to escape FOEs and take great shortcuts. Very useful.

The FOEs

 The insane deer we all love. His confusion dance only hits one target in this game, so he isn't as dangerous as before. If your healer gets confused, Fredrica (Gunner) has a status ailment recovering skill, so the dance isn't as problematic has his other skill, which is a very powerful attack, however, against one target.
His movement: 1 step per step, does not chase after you

A new 3D model=did not exist in EQ4.
A stone hog. He disguises himself as a boulder, but when you get in front of him, he charges at your direction. As his appearance may give away,  he is resistant to the three physical elements. His dangerous attacks come after he charges up, but there is an item you can buy that knocks the target from their stance/charge, so it isn't that much of a problem.
His movement: Once he notices you, the next step, he charges in your direction until he hits a wall.
Afterwards, he moves 1 step per step back to his original position.

The ever-loved ever-feared praying mantis. As always, if you can bind his arms, he poses little danger, but of course, it isn't possible to continuously bind his arms, so you'll have to prepare for his arm sweep, which does great damage to one line.
I was lucky enough to get his special drop (defeat while arm-binded) the first time I defeated him.
 His movement: 1 step per step, rests 1 step per 3 steps

Snow Wolf
A new model as well, if I recall correctly. Despite appearing on a later floor, he is actually weaker than the other FOEs. However, he is called on by the boss on the 5th floor and as a FOE, still will require plenty of TP use to remove safely.
His movement: No movement until he notices you. After notice, he will move 1 step per step AWAY from you. While you are in battle, he moves 1 step per turn towards you.

The boss:
In a way, he is a tutorial boss that teaches you to use the two types of bombs you can buy from the shop.
The distraction bomb freezes surrounding foes for a turn, which you will need to use each turn to keep the Snow Wolfs at bay. If you thought fighting a boss was hard enough, add a FOE that protects the boss, and it is game over.
The other bomb snaps the boss out of his pose. If you don't use the item and let him follow-up on his charge, he will use some nasty moves on you.
If you buy plenty of these two items and use them correctly, this boss is no challenge. He has basic attacks as well, but none of them will OHKO your characters, so you just need to heal everytime he decides to attack.
 There is no way to remove the FOEs (=Snow Wolfs) nearby, because the FOEs are behind him and he won't let you through.


  1. Hah, good work.

    I admit that I failed buying enough bombs, so I ended up fighting Snowdrift/Fenrir AND three of his wolves for quite a while (On Expert, so he took a bit to kill).

    Interestingly, the wolves despawn if you kill the boss - INCLUDING the ones in battle. Otherwise that'd have been a gameover right there - sure, I had some of the wolves asleep, but couldn't have killed em before he woke up!

  2. Yeah, it seems with the bosses in this game, if you defeat the main boss, his lackeys all disappear, thankfully.