Saturday, June 22, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei IV Clear, and new Game!

So yeah, finally cleared all of Megami Tensei IV. Cleared all 3 routes and 4 ends, got every demon unlocked, except Fiend Chemtrail.
Pictures and a bit more below.

So here's the save data. The four marks to the left of your level keeps track of which ends you have seen. Of course, now I finally have all four diamonds lit up.
Random, but Kokakucho was able to get one of her stats pass the 200 mark before level 20.

Chaos end.
 Since Hikaru never appeared again in the other ends, I figured her identity before she revealed it, but yeah.
And Hikaru + Walter = Bald old man?

And here is the new game I got. Surprisingly cheap.
Actually, I think this is the first Donkey Kong game I've ever owned...
Hard game, you know? But well done.

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