Friday, June 28, 2013

New Game! and Donkey Kong Returns update

Anyways, cleared the main story of Donkey Kong Returns.
Currently working on collecting all of the pieces and KONG in all of the levels to unlock the 9th world.
Of course, Original Mode!

Pictures below, and got a new game too!

 And here is the Special artworks unlocked after beating the final boss.

And here is my new game!
Etrian Odyssey's new work. Of course I bought it. I've played the entire series!
To be honest, I'm more in for the remake of the first game than the story, but of course I will do both. Story first, in order to unlock two classes in Classic afterwards.

 I didn't know it came with it, but I guess because I pre-ordered or something, I got the soundtrack that came with the game too!

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