Friday, June 21, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei IV : Part-way Post (Fiend Hunt - Black Rider and Pale Rider)

 So anyways, got the last of the Fiends. Except Chemtrail. Don't really care about him though.

Black Rider was absolutely weak. I mean, it's like he appeared just to annoy the heck out of you.
It seems all of the fiends attack first. Red Rider blasts you with powerful attacks. Trumpeter uses instant death on your entire party. What does Black Rider do? He uses a move that halves your current money, FIVE times.
And for his other turns, he just used Energy Drain five times. That's all! In other words, he does around 500 damage each turn as well as heal 500.

So yeah, won the first time I fought him. Didn't even lose any character to him.
However, as a fiend, he is still strong for the un-prepared and if you don't have strong attacks, you will slowly wear out from him draining your MP as well.
As you can see in the second pic, Alice and Kokakucho lost plenty of MP to Black Rider.

Pale Rider is more deadly. However, I was still able to win the first time, so he is easy to prepare for.
Pale Rider uses Pandemonium to cast Cold on all of your characters. He then uses "Worsen", which makes all characters with Cold lose all but 1 HP. Every other character receives 1 damage.
Afterwards, he blasts you with the strongest Wind skill in the game.
It seems he also has an Almighty attack, but he never used it against me.

The safest way to fight him is to get at least one healer that is immune to Cold. Messializer is excellent against Pale Rider, as it heals characters hit with Worsen as well as cure their Cold.
It probably is not safe to get all of your members immune to Cold, as that might trigger the Almighty switch.
Also, it seems that if Pale Rider does not make your entire party Cold, he would sometimes use Pandemonium again, which would cause him to lose another turn thanks to your immune healer. Because he loses some of his turns, it was really hard for Pale Rider to successfully do his Pandemonium --> Worsen --> Attack combo.
And if he can't do that, he's pretty weak. But his Wind skill still hurts, so be careful.

And yeah, now that I got the four riders, I was able to make Trumpeter. So I went ahead and made one.
I already had stock that played a certain role, so I wasn't sure what to put in Trumpeter's skill set, but I ended up giving him the strongest party-damaging skills for every element + Almighty.
I gave him resistance to Physical and Gun to give him resistance to all damaging elements.
HP+++ to increase his HP.

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