Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monster Hunter X: First Thoughts on Weapons and Styles

Based off the demo
Also wanted to memo my thoughts, in case I forgot which styles I want to use in the game

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stella Glow: Translated Song Lyrics, Stats

About stats:
-To give a good idea on how a character's stat will grow and how they compare to other characters
-I chose 45 because that is the highest level the game suggests at any one time

About multipliers:
-I attacked an enemy in various ways and used the basic normal attack as the base for how much damage a move would do (compared to it).
Magic and Physical attacks are two different things, but the same character is using both, so it should still help give an idea on the damage difference
-Does not take into account defense negation, critical hits
-I don't have the English names right now

About song lyrics:
-I translated them on my interpretation of the story/meaning of the songs
-The Japanese lyrics come from other people listening and writing down what they think is being said, meaning it could be wrong, though I have checked and chose what I thought was right
-Credit of most of the Japanese lyrics go to 2ch's thread for this game
-Translating anime -> Easy, translating light novels -> Meh, translating poetic works -> Gyaaaah!

Don't forget you can right click -> view images, etc. to expand them to their original sizes, because they will probably be too small without doing so.

Extra - BGM title translations:
In this post

Main 5 songs (the first songs of each witch that come in the premium pack as a CD too) translated
2nd 5 songs translated
Last Boss songs translated
Added a link to the translations of the BGM titles

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Monster Hunter 4G/Ultimate: Ready for Cross!

After being busy with other games and with Cross coming out really soon, I came back to MH4G and my sub-file and cleared the final Village quest as well as unlock the G-special class SOLO. That's the big point. On my first playthrough, I did the G-special class unlocking in a party and did the final Village quest later on. Now without the best equipment possible and people to help me, it really feels like I have reached the goal by myself.

Oh, BTW, this sub-file is a Charge Blade-only file.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stella Glow: Finished Second Playthrough!

Small playable character spoiler below...

And of course, I got the premium items for the English release. Can't play the game though! Hahaha!

PS: Currently gathering a bit of data as well as translating the songs, Will update later on that