Thursday, November 26, 2015

Monster Hunter X: First Thoughts on Weapons and Styles

Based off the demo
Also wanted to memo my thoughts, in case I forgot which styles I want to use in the game

Striker: Losing the sweeping charge attack isn't devastating. It's not a bad option if I want to use more hunting moves.
Aerial: One of the strongest points of the Greatsword is being able to predict, charge, and hit. Which... Aerial can't do. Too gimmicky for me
Bushido: As Striker is, losing the sweeping charge isn't bad, but the dashing to strike is hard to hit pinpoint targets and there just doesn't feel like there is enough advantage to it.

Guild = Striker > Bushido > Aerial

Shield and Sword:
Striker: The charge slash wasn't really used in the first place, but losing the backstep stops you from using the superarmor-slash-backstap-charge infinite loop, which I believe would make it hard to use in Multi.
Aerial: It is easier to accidentally use the shield bash now... Which sucks obviously, especially in multiplayer. But since you strike at least once when jumping up, at least you won't completely miss your air attack like some other weapons... Though this weapon already can jump through ledges
Bushido: I don't really see the Just Evade being worth losing attack patterns, but this weapon is easy to find dodge timings...

Guild = Striker > Aerial = Bushido

Striker: There are some mobility loss in losing moves like the sidestep slashes, but the Longsword hunting moves are pretty strong, so it is a viable option if you want to use hunting moves a lot
Aerial: While interesting and easy to reach red after going up one level, still too gimmicky for me and a bother not being able to change colors on the ground
Bushido: You lose the ability to slash and step backwards, but other than that, nothing overly important is lost. As long as you Just Evade, you can really easily reach the red. However, since it relies on the monster attacking and you evading, it might be hard to perform the Just Evade as many times as you would want in Multiplayer. Since you can't change colors without Just Evade, that could be problematic.

Guild = Striker = Bushido (Solo) > Aerial = Bushido (Multi)

Dual Sword:
Striker: You're losing an entire mode and I'm not sure if the trade-off for being able to use more hunting moves worth it...
Aerial: The Dual Sword's aerial attack definitely has a cool motion... but as always, I find it too gimmicky. That said, the loss isn't terribly devastating, so it isn't too bad.
Bushido: You only lose your aerial attack. In exchange, you get Just Evade. And... why did the Dual Sword lose so little?

Bushido > Guild > Aerial > Striker

Slash Axe:
Striker: You lose a bit of variety, but you don't lose an entire function, so it really isn't a bad trade-off.
Aerial: Not being able to use the Charge attack of the Axe mode is quite nasty...
Bushido: The trade-off between the Axe's sweeping finish for Just Evade is pretty worth it

Bushido > Striker = Guild > Aerial

Charge Axe:
Striker: While the shield bash has greatly weakened in Cross, it still is a good option for doing elemental damage, so not being able to use it does have a bit of influence.
Aerial: You can't even do the double charge slash... WHAT?
Bushido: You lose only the ability to charge your weapon after the shield bash. In Cross, shield bash -> charge gives you a weaker boost (Yellow) than the charge from Axe mode. So it isn't that much of a pain to lose it. Rather, because now attacking after a shield bash forces you to charge the weapon (in the previous games, you could burst with it), this style prevents accidents caused by habits from the previous game. Also, Just Guard gives you way more options than the current GP...

Bushido >> Guild = Striker >> Aerial

Striker: While you lose a couple of Superarmor moves, your third strike returns to the good old normal single hit. The multi hit is quite atrocious in the speed of the attack, so it is worth it just because of this
Aerial: May be interesting, but if you are going to use a shield weapon, I'd prefer Guarding...
Bushido: While interesting, not being able to use the Counter strike requires a whole different playing style. You can't guard immediately after an attack, unlike the Counter strike, so you have to be more careful attacking.

Striker > Bushido = Guild > Aerial

Striker: Since the slamming move isn't really used other than for Full Burst, I think this is a pretty good option for people who don't use the Gun part much. You can use the hunting move instead to raise the heat meter, and being able to jab three times gives some pretty good flexibility
Aerial: Similar to Striker in the loss, but it is pretty hard getting used to the changed Evasion (originally backstep). But you can use Full Burst a lot, which is pretty fun.
Bushido: You lose Quick Reload, which honestly isn't that great of a loss because you usually won't have that many opportunities to unleash your entire load in one moment. Overall, none of the styles lose anything that important, I feel. In exchange, you get Just Guard, which can also lead to a lot of Full Bursts

Bushido = Striker  > Aerial = Guild

Striker: I'm not too sure three hunting moves is worth losing the 1-2-3 attack...
Aerial: As always, I'm not too keen on the jumping and attacking part, but you lose the 3rd charge, which might be useful for people who tend to prefer the 2nd charge's sliding uppercut
Bushido: Losing the charge 2 uppercut and not being able to loop 1-2-3 and the 1st charge is a bit... ouch for me.

Guild > Bushido = Aerial > Striker

Hunting Horn:
Striker: Lost waaaaaay too much
Aerial: You don't lose anything overly important, but is it worth being able to jump? Not too sure for me
Bushido: You don't lose much, but it is a bit hard to aim where you want after Just Evading

Guild = Bushido > Aerial >>> Striker

Insect Staff:
Striker: Lost waaaaay too much
Aerial: I don't think much is lost (if any), but the new jump is a bit hard to use. Really fast at a weird angle that makes it kinda hard to aim for riding points...
Bushido: Forget what you lose. The fact you can't return the bug at will means missing it even once can hurt badly, since you have to wait for it to return. If you try a gimmicky no-stamina bug by raising only Power and Speed, it might be fun, but not too sure it is that great in general.

Guild > Aerial > Bushido >>> Striker

Striker: No Power Shot
Aerial: No Power Shot
Bushido: Power Shot! On top of that, you lose the rarely used Ar Shot only in exchange for Just Evade

Bushido > Guild > Striker = Aerial

Heavy Bowgun:
Striker: Not a bad loss if you normally don't squat down to shoot
Aerial: Getting close to jump and shoot didn't really synchronize well with the fact Bowguns are ranged weapons... And it is kinda hard to hit anyways....
Bushido: It's not a bad option, though with the Gunner's defense, it might be risky purposely entering the monster's attack range just to activate Just Evade. However, I guess it would be optimal for Time Attack and such.

Light Bowgun:
Pretty much the same as Heavy Bowgun. You lose stepping anyways when you remove the limiter, so it isn't a great loss for Bushido and Striker. I'm not sure how this all comes in with removing the limiter on the Bowguns, which cause the functions to be lost anyways.

Striker = Guild = Bushido > Aerial

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