Saturday, November 21, 2015

Stella Glow: Translated Song Lyrics, Stats

About stats:
-To give a good idea on how a character's stat will grow and how they compare to other characters
-I chose 45 because that is the highest level the game suggests at any one time

About multipliers:
-I attacked an enemy in various ways and used the basic normal attack as the base for how much damage a move would do (compared to it).
Magic and Physical attacks are two different things, but the same character is using both, so it should still help give an idea on the damage difference
-Does not take into account defense negation, critical hits
-I don't have the English names right now

About song lyrics:
-I translated them on my interpretation of the story/meaning of the songs
-The Japanese lyrics come from other people listening and writing down what they think is being said, meaning it could be wrong, though I have checked and chose what I thought was right
-Credit of most of the Japanese lyrics go to 2ch's thread for this game
-Translating anime -> Easy, translating light novels -> Meh, translating poetic works -> Gyaaaah!

Don't forget you can right click -> view images, etc. to expand them to their original sizes, because they will probably be too small without doing so.

Extra - BGM title translations:
In this post

Main 5 songs (the first songs of each witch that come in the premium pack as a CD too) translated
2nd 5 songs translated
Last Boss songs translated
Added a link to the translations of the BGM titles

Damage multipliers


Cherry Blossoms (Sakuya Song 1)
Ice World (Hilda Song 1)

Reddened Galaxy (Mordimort Song 1)
Rusty Key (Popo Song 1)

To The Sea (Risette Song 1)

Blazing Light (Hilda Song 2)

Dark Labyrinth (Mordimort Song 2)

Fiery Night (Sakuya Song 2)

Levia (Risette Song 2)

Volt Shower (Popo Song 2)

Yami no Mukou (Eve Song 1)
Towani Meguru Inori (Eve Song 2)


  1. Hm do you remember which 2CH thread had the lyrics?

    1. I don't know the specific number, but they are spread out on the main ステラグロウ thread. Search for the most recent thread and move backwards. I do not remember the number, but there was one post in the main thread that gathered the posts that contained the lyrics.

    2. hm thanks. I'll try to look for it. I noticed that there were a few sporadic ones but I was going from middle and kinda going randomly hahaha. A bulk of them should be noticeable.

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  3. Thank you i really like the moon song :'( its soo sad and hopeless i don't know why but i really love it

  4. Thank you i really like the moon song :'( its soo sad and hopeless i don't know why but i really love it

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  8. wow, I had been looking for this like forever. thanks a lot!!!
    one quick note. regarding to the seemingly nonsensical ARUMAGUNA in blazing light, I have a conjecture. Arumagna may refer to Alemagne, italian for Alamannia which is a geographic region inhabited by the Alemanni (some of the tribes that would later form part of germany, also the reason why southern european languages call germany like so, Allemagne in french, Alemania in spanish,etc). this region is basicly current west switzerland and the south corner of germany. so Alamannia's hill would basically be the Alps. as to why hilda would say a soul is looking towards there is beyond me, but that place has its own share of romanticism so might as well make some sense in an obscure branch of poetry

  9. Wow, I love he song but I could not understand what the singer is communicating with the audience but this blog has helped me understand the meaning of the song by providing a translation. Thanks so much for the job well done and our professional editing site can be accessed by clicking on Errors Editing Help.

  10. My only question is is there is translation for the Song of Ruin? Or is it just gibberish?

    1. There could be real meaning to the song, but it is safe to say it is either gibberish or there is no real way to really write down and translate its lyrics.