Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Shin Megami Tensei IV : Part-way Post (Defeating Trumpeter and Update)

So I managed to defeat one of the hidden Majins. Spent about an hour waiting for him to appear.
So I just wanted to show my current team and such. I am at the last boss, but I am still going through doing some extra stuff before moving on.

I chose Trumpeter to defeat first because I am on the Law Route, which means the place he appears at no longer has demons roaming around.

So yeah, my main protagonist is at level 99. Here is his stats and skills.
I changed his outfit because Trumpeter just loves, loves, LOVES using instant death moves. He has 4 of them, the single and whole party instant death move for Curse and Holy.

I have a move for each element, a move that increases all of my party's stats, energy drain, the strongest All-Mighty move (strongest power + lowers all of opposing demons' stats), and Ougi Issen, which acts as my physical skill + instant death, which is useful when grinding and getting rid of parties of demons.

One of the few of the Shiki class and apparently (I've never played a Megami Tensei game before) a character that constantly appears and sometimes plays a bigger role in the story. And apparently, she usually is not a Shiki but a Majin like Trumpeter.
For her skills, I gave Absorb or Reflect of the four elements, giving her at least resistance to every attack in the game besides All-Mighty.
Of course, I kept her unique move "Will you die?". Because she is immune to all status ailments, I gave her Mesializer, which heals fully and removes all status ailments from the entire party. Also gave her Energy Drain to absorb MP when she does not need to heal the party.
HP+++ skill because she doesn't have much to start out with.

It was actually pretty easy getting the skills I wanted on her, because she uses four demons to be created.
The third pic shows just how many demons were eventually used to end up with her.

Since my protagonist uses the skill to increase the party's stats, I gave the ability to lower the enemy's to Lilim. She also uses Tetorajya to defend the party against Instant Death.
Her only attacking skill is Energy Drain.

She actually goes by a different name in the translated version? Anyways, I liked her and her lore since I first saw her, so I really wanted her on my final party. So I made one. As you can see in the third picture, I ended up using a lot of demons to get her Gun move (strongest one available) on her.
She has at least resistance on all damage elements, but nothing to protect her from Instant Death. Which is why she has fainted in the images below, thanks to Trumpeter.
She has the strongest Gun and Wind skills in the game, making her the second attacker in my party. I do feel my party is too defensive...
I also gave her Doping because bosses near the end love using All-Mighty skills, which cannot be resisted. Why Kokakuchou? She had the space. I separated the support moves between the three demons. This way, they can each cast one per round and have space for other stuff.

 And not in my constant party, but after I ended up using Mara to help me defeat Trumpeter. Not only was he at level 99, but he is immune to all Instant Death elements, high HP (against Trumpeter's All-Mighty attack), and the strongest Gun attack in the game (Gun is Trumpter's weakness).
Kokakucho's role was to use Doping before she got killed to boost the protagonist and Mara's MHP for the battle.

 And before I talk about the Trumpeter, I just wanted to show that it seems I got all possible demons from normal fusing.

So anyways, that damn Trumpeter.
He loves using Instant Death moves. And if all of your characters are immune to those moves, he starts using his All-Mighty move to blast your party apart. He also has five movements per turn, so that can result in him using his All-Mighty move FIVE times a round. Now that is harsh. Sometimes, he decides to use his basic physical attack though. Seems random.
So I died about 8 times or so before I defeated him. Because my protagonist is not immune (only resistant) to Instant Death by Curse, I had to restart if Mudo hit my protagonist. If I can not get set-up before only my protagonist and Mara remains, I got slaughtered by his All-Mighty skill.
So eventually, I was able to get set-up, lowered his stats by 2 stages, increased mines by 1. Also was able to use Doping. But I was also able to get Lilim out and got her to use Tetorajya. And once I did, he mainly only used the Instant Death moves that targeted one demon (which gets blocked) and his basic physical attack with only about 1 All-Mighty a turn, allowing Alice to heal the party perfectly each turn. So my protagonist and Mara used their Gun moves, Alice healed, Lilim casted Tetorajya when needed) and the two girls used their basic attacks when they had nothing to do.
I think I was lucky he did't resolve to using All-Mighty more than three times or more a turn, but anyways, I don't really care as long as I defeated this guy.
He also drops a great accessory.

And you know, he always got first strike... Maybe my luck or speed was too low, but anyways, I was able to defeat him despite him getting the first move (which coupled with Instant Death means a half-destroyed party before your first turn at times...)

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