Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Etrian Odyssey Untold : Complete!

 In other words, I defeated the hidden final boss on Expert!

 And your present is the Etria Crown accessory.

And here is my Guild Card. The middle Icon for defeating Expert Forest Cell is now there!

My party, Grimoire, Skills:
Explanation after the pics:

Front Line:
Bushido -> Dark Hunter
Bushido -> Dark Hunter
Bushido -> Dark Hunter
(All have the same skills for their Dark Hunter portion, so just one pic)

Back Line:
Paladin -> Paladin
Ranger -> Gunner

The explanation will get long, but if you are interested, stick around:

First, the classes.
The front line are all made up of Bushidos that changed to a different class. I, of course, changed them at level 99 to get the best bonus possible. I changed them from Bushido because Bushidos have the highest attack power.
The Paladin is extremely important as she is the person that will keep the party safe from every attack possible, other than Armageddon.
The final character is Gunner from Ranger. Gunner because Gunner has several normal attack-related skills. I wanted the stat of a Ranger, because the Gunner is the person responsible of setting off the chain and I want to move before Forest Cell, so I chose Ranger for speed.

The Equipment:
Because Cell has the devastating Necrosis (Instant Death to entire party), I equipped 4 of my units with Crystal Eye, to prevent the Instant Death. My Paladin needs the accessory to increase her HP, so I gave her the Angel's Shield, which also gives great resistance to Instant Death (though not as much as Crystal Eye).
Paladin's weapon is the sword you can buy once you sell the three Dragon's Scales. It gives +5 to all stats, which boosts her defence.
Gunner's weapon is the strongest Gun, which happens to have Fire element.
One Dark Hunter has the strongest Axe with Fire element.
The other two Dark Hunters have the strongest Katana available (from Story mode Cell's drop).
The other equipment all focus on either increasing Agility or Strength. There is no need for any of the characters to worry about HP or defensive stats other than the Paladin.

The Skills:
The reason I made my entire front line Dark Hunter is because of Dark Hunter's Fury, which increases their offensive stats when their HP is low enough. Fury overlaps with Fury, if a character as Fury as a skill and Fury in a Grimoire equipped. Fury's boost is also higher than the Masteries, so to get the highest attack power, it is better to do Fury + Grimoire Fury + Mastery. And in order to get two Furies, you need Dark Hunters. To be honest, that is the only Dark Hunter skill I needed.
Every other skill comes from Grimoires.

-Two of my Bushido's Grimoires have Bushido skills
-My other Bushido has Swordsman skills.
-My Gunner needs only the Double Attack and Weak Shot skills which gives her a chance of normal attacking twice and increases the power upon Critical.
-All four of my attackers have Spell Mastery in their Grimoire, which increases the strength of any attack with one of the three elements, Fire, Ice, or Electric.
-My Paladin has Power Divide, the three elemental Guards, Auto-Guard. Grimoire-wise, she is full of Support skills. She also has Auto-Guard and Shield Mastery, which overlap the skills she has as a Paladin, leading to even better defense.
-Both my Gunner and Paladin has the Bard skill that gives Fire element + Attack Up to a target's normal attack.

The Preparation:
Before entering battle, fill up Boost and make sure the three Dark Hunter's HP is lower than 50%, thus activating Fury.

The Strategy:
The offensive strategy of this party is very simple and the party attacks every two turns.
Turn 1:
Bushido 1 and 2 Grimoire Dark Hunter: Preparation
Swordsman Grimoire Dark Hunter: Order of Attack
Gunner: Preparation
Turn 2:
Bushido 1 and 2 Grimoire Dark Hunter: Chase
Swordsman Grimoire Dark Hunter: Fire Chase
Gunner:Normal Attack

Gunner's Normal Attack triggers the Fire Chase and the two Bushido DH's Chase.
Fire Chase triggers Swordsman DH's Order.
Order's attacks triggers Bushido DH's chase.
Bushido DH's chase triggers Fire Chase.
In other words, it sets off a chain reaction that lasts up to 5 times per Chase, though you usually won't be able to chase that long. Either way, this does great damage every two turns.

By preparation, it depends on the circumstance.
Bushido DH: If not in Stance or if the Stance is about to run out, then Stance again.
Gunner: If Bard's Fire enchant is about to run out, recast on a Bushido DH.
If there is no need to re-Stance or recast the Fire enchantment, then you can use the preparation turn to lower Cell's defense or evasion with anything you want. You can also increase your party's stats, but I would suggest you lower Cell's, not increase yours.
The reason is that the more power-ups you have, the faster Cell will use Armageddon on you.

While the other 4 are attacking, the Paladin must guard depending on what Cell will use next. Be sure you know Cell's attack pattern and choose the move accordingly.
-Land Slash/Demon's Rush : Power Divide. During the pattern where he uses one after another, you might need to use Boost Power Divide to survive the 2nd time.
-Explode/Freezing/Thunderstorm : Elemental Guards. HOWEVER, I kept the Guards at level 9, NOT 10. At 10, the effect changes from Negation to Absorb. However, that means the Dark Hunters' Fury will no longer activate. So it is best keeping it at 9 to maintain Fury.
-Ancient Curse Pollen : The Manticore's King skill (Grimoire), which negates Status Ailments for one turn.

However, you should bring plenty of healing items, as you cannot 100% predict and block Cell.
This is because there are parts where Cell will choose a pattern out of two random patterns. Because of this, you are forced to guess. If you guess wrong, you could lose some or all of your characters.
Furthermore, if battle lasts too long and you have enough enchantments, Cell will use King's Glory (removes all of your enchantments) and then Armageddon.
Armageddon's strength is incredible and because it is the Void element, you cannot block it. The only way to survive this is through Alrane's King Grimoire, which prevents the user from dying for a turn. You will have to quickly recover your Paladin the next turn.

Cell Membrane, the counter move, is a bonus turn for you, assuming you are following his pattern. Luckily, the turns Cell Membrane is used is not part of the unpredictable random pattern section, so you can pretty much figure out when he uses it.
During turns like those and ones where the Paladin does not have to block, the Paladin can use support moves too. This is up to you.

So you just keep repeating your attack pattern while the Paladin guards until Cell is defeated. Should you lose a unit or two, be sure to revive them. I knew the pattern and still had to use healing items and such, so you still have to be vigilent.

The one thing to be careful of is that you MUST force Cell to enter the next pattern before he uses Cyclone Roots. That move is immensely powerful and your Paladin cannot survive it. You will not be able to avoid the final pattern's Cyclone Routes, but after Cyclone Route on that pattern, you get a free turn as Cell either counters or strengthens his chance of casting Status Ailments (blocked by Manticore's King skill), so you should be able to revive your party that turn.

Finally, there might be quicker ways to beat Cell, but well, I wanted to defeat him with my own idea, so I did.
Yay! *peace*

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