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Etrian Odyssey Untold : Diary 6

The final 5 floors (Floors 26-30) and a little on the boss.
I have not been able to defeat the boss on Expert, which is required to get an icon on your Guild Card. I will do that on my Classic playthrough.
I will however touch on him.
Also, my stats, Grimoire, skills for the end game.

BTW, the opening screenshot is the comment you get if you call Alraune cute.

So yeah,  got every icon other than:
-Defeat Cell on Expert
-Clear Classic mode

 Floors 26-30...
Incredibly difficult, ANNOYING, and just... wow, lots of dancing with the FOEs. To be honest, it might save you a lot of stress to just switch the difficulty to Picnic while you explore this place.
As you might expect, lots of cruel enemies in these floors, such as:
-A Mandrake type enemy that unleashes Instant Death to your entire party after one turn of preparation
-Tree enemy with party-targeting poison that does 300+ damage
-Instant Death and Petrification cells (one target, so not THAT bad)
-Scorpion enemy practically immune to all but Electric
-Crab enemy that unleashes a brutal party-targeting attack whenever an ally is killed (and combined with enemies you really want to kill first)
-Ooze enemy that self-destructs for massive damage
On top of that, all of the FOEs here are so strong, their aura will be red even at level 70. Yet in order to avoid them, you have to move around a lot, which means you end up fighting those evil normal encounter monsters more. Terrible.

Floor 26
Teleportation map. You eventually have to attract the FOEs attention, lead them to one side, and then teleport back behind them to avoid fighting the FOEs while getting to the next floor.

Floor 27
Dark room with a lot of holes. If you drop, you'll end up on Floor 28, full of damage tiles. And THOSE BIRDS...
If you walk really carefully, you can actually see part of the tile in front of you, so you can avoid the holes without burning the torches. If you light the torch, you will be able to see more easily, but the FOEs on the floor will wake up and start moving, so it might be safer to just walk slowly in the dark.

Floor 28: Where you drop. The Bird FOE appears and there are many, many damage tiles. However, that is only if you drop from Floor 27. If you proceed correctly through the stairs, the damage tile area of this floor does not matter.

Floor 29:
More teleportation and dancing with the FOEs. These FOEs are far more annoying, because they move three steps forward and 1 step back. Have fun mimicking their movements to avoid detection in order to move through this floor... One mistake, and you will have to run away and start over again.

Floor 30:
The final floor. If you are playing Story mode, the passage to Cell is already, immediately opened, so the rest of the floor doesn't matter (except for a special FOE and treasure box). The floor is patrolled by every FOE that appeared so far on the past 4 floors, except the Bringer of Fresh Blood.

And the FOEs...
 The Immortal Drake
The hardest FOE by level. His aura won't change from Red for a while past 70.
And like his whiter counterpart, he has two types of attacks, a Glare skill and a Bite skill.
The Bite skill is as greatly damaging as ever, but now it even can cause Terror.
His Glare has also changed to Instant Death. His movement is also annoying.
Movement: Circles an area, moving 1 step per step. Moves 3 steps forward and 1 step back. Upon noticing you, he no longer moves backwards.

 Bringer of Fresh Blood
Usually is sleeping in the dark Floor 27, but he starts moving if you light up his area. He only has an Electric attack, so you can easily negate his attacks if you keep on using Shock Guard. Even if you are hit, the damage itself isn't what is scary. It is the paralysis that comes with it.
And of course, a FOE wouldn't be a FOE if you could block out his attacks so easily. Unfortunately, this bird also summons those White Cell enemies (2 at a time). And they cause Petrification. If you can take out those Cells immediately, you should be generally safe.
Movement: None. Upon waking up, patrols an area and will move 1 step per step towards you when it notices you.

King of the Demon World
Similar to the Bringer, he only has Fire attacks other than his normal attack, so you can easily block his attack with Fire Guard. If you are hit, the attack causes Arm Binding, BTW.
However, unlike Bringer, he does not summon any enemies to help him, so if you don't die in one hit from his normal attack, you can slowly take him out if you constantly cast Fire Guard
However, as a turtle, he has excellent defense. He is resistant to everything but Ice, which he is NOT weak against. If you have the TP, you can use him as a source of EXP, since he is easy to defeat despite the Red aura.
Movement: Patrols an area moving 1 step per step, resting after each step. Once he notices you, he moves without resting. 

The Flyers of the Abyss
You will hate this thing so much by the time you are through with this game. Because these guys are so, SO annoying.
For one thing, they INFINITELY spawn. There will always be two in the area. They will appear SUDDENLY in one location and fly until they line up vertically/horizontally with you. Then, they will charge at you once before moving to the wall and disappearing. They move 3 steps per step. Three.
Not only is their movement unique, but depending on how you attract their attention, you might end up in a situation where you have to fight one.
And depending on the situation, if you take too long, another one will join the battle. And depending on the situation, if you take too long, ANOTHER will join, in an endless loop of death.

And on top of this, they are strong too. Their skill hits your entire party for great damage and causes Blind. They also summon the Red Cells, which can cause Instant Death.
Yet they spawn infinitely.
Prepare to dance to avoid them.

 And other than these enemies, the Clones of the three elemental dragons reside in these floors.
They are all weaker versions of the original by stat and have less moves
However, less moves, including the loss of defensive moves, makes them that much more likely to deal damage towards you.
They all do not move and have a Boss aura. You have to defeat them to get certain treasure chests.
On top of that, another thing making them a pain is that you have to get to them, which usually involves dancing with bone dragons and infinitely spawning birds.

Final Boss: Forest Cell
I already posted his image before, so I am not now, but anyways, I have defeated him on Picnic to get his drop and complete the Item-dex. However, the item itself does not allow you to buy any new equipment. It just gives you 1,000,000 en if you sell it. And I don't need that much...

Anyways, his movements are all in a pattern, including a start-up move, so you know that he has switched patterns. However, there are times where he chooses between two types of patterns (Magic => Magic => Physical or Magic => Physical => Magic, for example) , keeping you from predicting all of his moves.
And of course, he hits really hard. On top of that, he has Counter, Binds, Status Ailments, every element.

Anyways, here are my characters, Grimoire, where I put their Skill points, their roles:


His main role is to just use Delay Charge -> Cross Charge to deal great damage. In between Delay and Cross, he uses Spear Evolve to deal damage against FOEs and Long Thrust against regular enemies.
Grimoire-wise, I gave him Energy Charge to power up Delay Charge, which cannot be used over and over again in a row. I got Daisharin from a Story-only FOE because it is Story-only. It also serves as a Smash move, as my party lacks a character that use that element well. Auto-Guard is to protect him while he is at the front and Recharge to help him save TP.

Actually, the skill points you see in the image is different from what I used in game. I am preparing to use her against the Expert final boss in the Classic playthrough, so I to "Change Class" back to Paladin, to give her a bonus in stats and SP. Then I put the skill points in places in preparation.
But anyways, just a normal shield role. The three elemental guards are very necessary and Power Divide is needed to survive party-targeting physical attacks (Power Divide + 999HP from Rosa's tea + Accessory with some resistance = Finally able to survive Cell's Demon Slash).
Her Grimoire didn't really have any needed skills. I ended up putting some of her own skills in her Grimoire just to save SP.

Obviously, the elemental attacker. Simple as that.
To save SP and because those attacks are stronger, I gave him, through the Grimoire, party-targeting elemental attacks. This way, I don't have to put any TP in his party-targeting attacks. Also, these enemy ones are stronger, though also more costly. The dragon breaths take up 75 TP!
Also, because he is fast, I also gave him "Forest's Corruption" to lower the opponent's attack power.

Owner of one of the most useful skills in the game, Act(?) Boost, which can allow the user to move three times in one turn. Combined with Flying Bullets or one of the elemental Charge attacks, she can deal great damage easily. When I want to reserve TP, I can use Energy Charge instead.
I gave her through the Grimoire Elemental Mastery because I hear it boosts the strength of her elemental charges. I also gave her the Lv10 version of her Bind Snipes, to save SP.

Healer, simple as that.
In this game, the Medic does not have Full Heal, which might make his healing somewhat unsatisfactory? towards characters with high health. However, Status Ailments, Binds, Healing. Very useful, as expected.
I gave him a lot of his moves as a Grimoire to save SP, but I also gave him "Forest Barrier" to support the party by lowering enemy defenses as well as "Light of Release" to remove enemy buffs.
I also gave him Gunner's "Back Support" which allows him to do a minor Line Heal though defending in the back row.

 Next time... Guild Card, getting the King Grimoires easily.

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