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Etrian Odyssey Untold : Diary 3

 This time is about Gladsheim Area 2 and Floors 11 to 15.

There will be story spoilers at the very end of the article, separated from the rest of the article with white space.

Gladsheim Area 2 has an interesting design. When you first enter the area, all of the doors, marked with a number, are locked. You have to find the On-Off switches that correspond with each door. Turning it on will open the doors of the same number. As with the previous areas, a boss awaits.

Patrolling Blue Bee
The only FOE in this area. A blue, bigger(?) model of the normal Bee enemy.
In general, it is just a stronger version of the Bee enemy, with the same weaknesses. It has an attack that increases its evasion, so it can get annoying trying to hit it.
Movement: Patrols an area and notices you when you get near it. Follows you 1 step per step for a certain area.

Queen Bee:
And as you would expect, where there are worker bees, there is a queen.
The battle starts with Queen Bee summoning 2 Noble Bees and retreating to the back row. The Noble Bees have the same graphics as the Blue Bees.
Similar to the previous area, it is best if you get rid of the Blue Bees near Queen Bee, so you do not have to worry about them intruding on your battle.

The Noble Bees will always use their evasion boosting skill on their allies when there is another bee (not the Queen) in battle. If there is only one Noble Bee, they don't seem to use the evasion boosting skill. As the only difference is name, this goes for any Blue Bees that enter the battle too, assuming you didn't take them out beforehand..
The Queen Bee alternates between defending and attacking for a while, but it switches to just attacking after it loses enough HP. However, it doesn't use its most difficult moves unless you take out both Noble Bees and let it come to the front row.
Therefore, it might be safest to keep one Noble Bee alive. Arthur, Frederica, and the Protagonist all have attacks that can target the back row with no loss of damage.

All of the Queen's damaging attacks are physical. If you don't bring her to the front row, she will only confuse, paralyze, or head-bind you, but her front row skills include one that poisons and hits multiple targets.
Once she reaches about 1/4th or so, she uses an enchantment that heals her each turn. Same with the Healer Balls, but just do more damage than is being healed.

 And then there is the 3rd set of floors. You leave the forest for a more watery area. You can also hear the water you step on as you move?
Anyways, the enemies suddenly get a lot harder, including some seahorse that blasts a target and pierces through to the back with a powerful Ice skill and a worm that binds multiple places.
 The floors kind of separate between 11-12 and 13-15. There are two bosses, one on 12 and one on 15, which match this seperation.

Floor 13 also has a spring, but it is farther away than Floor 8's, so if you just want to heal, it is faster to teleport to that floor.


Floor 14 is somewhat annoying, because there are no shortcuts and you have to move around on lilypads. You have to look ahead on your map and on the field screen to see where the lilypads will bring you.
Swordfishes, Anglers, and Dragonflies are ready to slaughter you. All three have powerful physical attacks that hit multiple times. If you are lucky, the attacks will only strike once. If you are unlucky, they could strike the same target multiple times.

Loyal to the original map(?), the explorable part of Floor 15 at the time of arrival is really small. You can easily reach the boss without meeting enemies.
Of course, the girl you meet in this area has a voice too.

And upon defeating the boss, the last quest for the detective Owstin/Austine/whatever is unlocked. Once you complete all of his quests, he will become available at your guild place.
Rosa's items give you HP or TP boosts, but the detective's items are enchantments that activate at the beginning of each battle (and lasts 5 turns). His most basic item prevents status ailments once.

 Level and money at the time of beating the Floor 15 boss.
The reason Frederica and Arthur are higher level is because they were the only ones that survived a battle with a Shiny FOE on Floor 13.

And then, the FOEs.

High Killer Ant
The model used is just a bigger version of Killer Ant. Just like the original, his only skill is to raise a line's attack. He only deals damage to one target, so you should have no problem as long as you heal when he damages you. Since he will raise his own attack, he does pack a punch.
Movement: Patrols an area and notices you when you come near. Follows you 1 step per step for an area.

High Guard Ant
The defensive version. Bigger version of Guard Ant.
The only skill is to raise the defense of a line, so it might take time defeating him, but he doesn't pose much of a threat offensively.
As with High Killer Ant, it is perfectly manageable to defeat these Ant FOEs when you each their floors. However, that is only if they are alone. It gets bad when they intrude on your battles or if these FOEs gather together.
Movement: Same as High Killer Ant

The Executioner Near the Water
His model is a bigger version of the crab enemy.
His basic actions in battle is to Charge -> Attack, so it is easy to keep him from attacking if you use the disturbing bombs, but as with all crabs, he has resistance against all physical elements.
However, once his HP reaches a low enough point, he starts to use his offensive skill without charging. And as the name "Reaper Claws" might imply, it carries the Instant Death side-effect.
What makes him annoying is that he hides in the water (you can see him), so there is no way to attack him. When you enter battle near the strip of water he hides in, he will move 1 step per turn towards you and eventually intrudes on your battle.
The requirement for his special drop is easy (defeat him with an Electric attack, which is also his weakness), but it seems the drop isn't 100%. It took me several kills to get it.
Movement: Stands still. If you are near his area of water and enter battle, he will move 1 step per turn towards you (it takes 1 turn for him to notice you as well) and eventually intrude on your battle.

 The Nearing Assassin
That bird-loving(?) gator from IV is back. And as always, he deals a lot of damage. He only has one skill, but that one skill sure does a lot of damage while hitting multiple targets.
On top of that, he has resistance to spears and guns.
Movement: Stands still. Notices you when you get near him and follows you 1 step per step afterwards.

 And then the bosses:

 Queen Ant:
Following the Queen Bee is Queen Ant.
The boss of Floor 12, this boss doesn't give a care about your arrival. It goes around the room laying eggs, which randomly spawn ant FOEs. You can destroy the egg by going near it and striking it three times. When the egg is destroyed, all ant FOEs that spawned from it will run away and disappear.
The time it takes to destroy the egg is shorter than the time it takes for the Queen to lay an egg, so if you destroy the eggs, you will eventually be able to catch up with the Queen and strike it from behind, giving you a free turn.
Unlike the Queen Bee, there are no FOEs summoned in battle. Aside from physical attacks (big damage on one target and damage to entire party), this Queen also has a skill that confuses your entire party. The most annoying skill is one where she lowers the accuracy and blinds your entire party, prolonging the battle and draining your TP.

Koro... whatever. Chorotrungle?
Anyways, the boss of Floor 15, summoned by the girl you meet there.
Before this battle, it is best if you at least get Rakuna's Freeze Guard to level 5, changing resist to negation.
His Breath attack deals decent Ice damage to your entire party and another dangerous move he uses that induces Sleep are both Ice attacks, so the Freeze Guard will come in great handy. He always uses his Freeze Breath at the beginning of battle.
However, the problem is that he also has the Take Down skill, which does quite the damage and also pierces to the back row. This is physical, so Freeze Guard won't protect you. On top of that, he has a move that increases his attack, making him that much more dangerous.
He also has a skill that greatly increases his Fire resistance (normally his weakness), so be sure to pay attention and switch to a different element while enchanted by that skill.

 Major story spoilers below:

So surprisingly quickly, but upon beating the Area 2 boss, Frederica already regains her memories thanks to the computer system M.I.K.E. which is her acquaintance. He is the system that takes care of Gladsheim.

Frederica is a human from 1000 years ago, thus the title "Millennium Girl"
1000 years ago (in other words, the current world we live in), pollution and war and whatever has practically destroyed the world. Scientists including Frederica came together and thought up a way to heal the world. This method was to plant 7 giant trees (the World Trees) that would absorb the pollution and such from the world. This method worked and 1000 years later, the world is healed and humans are still alive (though the old world=our world destroyed though, with technology lost).

However, the scientists realized that the world tree would produce a great evil because of all the evil it absorbed. This will create a terrible monster at the core of the tree, which is causing the monsters in the world tree to go berserk. The scientists then put Frederica to sleep 1000 years, where she would awaken and along with MIKE, defeat this great evil and keep it from destroying the world.

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