Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (8/27/14)

Mm... No interesting new games out, nothing really interests me to program anything either. Just playing Monster Hunter... Can't wait for October.

-Holidays ending in Japan shows an obvious backlash, as everything just suddenly sinks.

-Four new games come out, but two are Western games and two are anime-type games. And as past games have shown and the PS4's situation in Japan, Western games don't do all that well in Japan. (Because well, they are Western games?)
Although surprisingly, neither Last of Us or Diablo boosted the PS4. Or perhaps the PS4 sunk greatly and managed to stay above 5000 thanks to the two games?
They are still releasing Chaos;Head?

-Other than that, the usual games are on the list. Mario Kart 8 got an update, for people playing that. Youkai Watch as fearsome as ever

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