Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Monster Hunter 4: Self-Made Guild Quest Bragging

So I finally finished leveling up a self-made Right Rajang quest for every weapon type (not counting the difference between Heavy or Light Bowgun) to 100, so I just wanted to show them off.
These are just the best ones I have made and raised, and I actually have other Right Rajang and two-monster quests. Generally, I was just lucky in getting a good Right Rajang quest for each weapon, though I did put in the effort, of course.

Hammer/Hunting Horn:

1322 (Rajang Area 1, Rajang Area 3, Treasure Area 2, Blue Crystals 2) - Hill, River, Cliff
Aside from the in-between treasure area, it is a pretty good map. The two Rajangs start off 2 areas apart and the areas are fairly large to fight.
Area 1 Rajang sleeps in Area 2, Area 3 Rajang sleeps in Area 3.

Single-Handed Sword/Dual Sword -
1113+ (Rajang Area 1, Rajang Area 1, Treasure Area 1, Blue Crystals 3 with basement area) - Cliff, Cavern, Hill
The weapon type and armor type are both popular and the treasure area is excellent, but both Rajangs are together. Thankfully, they are far away enough for you to spread some smoke before luring 1 away from the other.
Both sleep at 2.

Bow/Bowgun -
3142 (Jinogre Area 3, Rajang Area 1, Treasure Area 4, Blue Crystals 2) - Cliff, River, Slanted
The treasure area is in the farthest area, but thankfully, the most important part of Right Rajangs is how easy it is to fight the monsters, which this quest is very good at. The starting cliff area means that Jinogre will not budge in on your fight and all three areas are large. The armor group is also popular.
Rajang sleeps at 2, Jinogre at 3.

Greatsword/Long Sword -
1143+ (Basarios Area 1, Rajang Area 1, Treasure Area 4, Blue Crystals 3 with basement area) - Slanted, River,Cavern
Treasure area is yet again in a bad location, but the areas where you fight are wide. Both monsters are in the same area, but Basarios is harmless unless you bother him, so it does not really matter. Mixed armor set is not preferable, but well, it is already hard enough to make a Right Rajang quest, so I'm not complaining.
Rajang sleeps at 2, Basarios goes to 1?

Slash Axe -
1313 (Kut-ku Area 1, Rajang Area 3, Treasure Area 1, Blue Crystals 3) - River, Cliff, Slanted
Very good treasure area and pretty good quest composition.
Kut-ku sleeps at 3, Rajang at 1

Lance/Gunlance -
1213 (Kut-ku Area 1, Rajang Area 2, Treasure Area 1, Blue Crystals 3) - Vines, River, Cavern
Along with a great treasure area, the quest composition cannot get better. Area 1 and Area 3 are both areas only 1 monster can enter, thus preventing the monster from easily meeting up. The area they both meet up at is the River area in-between, which is easy to fight in.
I don't really remember their sleeping area.

Others - 1-Monster Quest
This is my best 1-monster quest, a 113. Meaning the monster is in the first area, the treasure is closest as possible, and it has the most blue crystals as possible.
Area 3 is a no-monster area (Cat), so the quest is really a two-area quest, making it easy to chase the monster, and the starting area is a River, which is the easiest area to fight in.

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