Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (9/3/14)
As far as number of new games go, it was quite an active week. Just... nothing for me, still... Next month, man, next month...

-Hardware wise, Vita sees a boost thanks to new games. Other systems hold on to their usual area.

-Top is Persona 4's fighting game. The Ultimax Ultras - Suplex Hold (What?)
Persona 4  - The Ultimax... - 89,468
Persona 4 The Golden - 152,499
Persona Q - Shadow of the Labyrinth - 186,398
Well, considering the genre is different in the first place, I can see why only around half of the people that bought Persona 4 would bother to play a fighter game of it. Fans-only.

-Toukiden Kiwami comes in 2nd with almost 80,000. Considering Toukiden is one of those Monster Hunter wanna-bes that came out later after MH4 went to the 3DS, I guess Kiwami would be the G/Ultimate of Toukiden. Of course, I am assuming that since there is no "2" on it, it is not a whole new game. Don't know.
Vita Toukiden 122,794
PSP Toukiden 66,016  

Vita Toukiden Kiwami 79,384
PSP Toukiden Kiwami 11,026
It is good news for the Vita that the ratio compared to the PSP has changed for its better, but total-wise, it did pretty much half of the original. Good or not... depends on the content, I guess. *shrug*

-Youkai Watch still up there. I guess it can reach 3 million by the end of the year

-Love Live... Meh, nothing to really compare to? Idolmaster?

-Neptune U does almost 35,000.
Re;Birth1 did almost 29,000
PP did a bit over 23,000
Reverse 2 did a bit over 25,000
The ones for the Vita, anways. Looks like more or less around the same area each game. Releasing too many versions though?

-Medabot 8 does a total of over 33,000 between its two versions.
7 did over 60,000 while DUAl did almost 20,000. Hmm... Almost halved from 7. I didn't really keep up with this game, so I'm not sure what the reason is. The kids were taken away by Youkai?

-Super Robot OG Masou Kishin F does over 28,000
3DS's UX was 120,000
Vita's Z was 125,000
Umm... Ouch... Why the huge drop?

-And then some other games no one really cares about

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