Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (9/17/14)

Uhyo~~~~~~~! Not enough time in the day to play Smash Bros.!

-Not that it is surprising, but Smash Bros leads dominates all while topping the list. According to Nintendo, it has already sold 1 million! copies, counting package and DL version. So there is at least over 50,000 in DL sold, though there probably might be around twice that number.

-Also not surprising, Destiny comes in 2nd/3rd, though a digit's worth of difference in sales.
As far as SCE-published games on the PS3/PS4 goes:
KNACK - 322,083
Grand Tour 5 - 410,486
Grand Tour 6 - 187,640
Everyone's Golf - 175,750
Last of Us - 129,983
Uncharted - 122,552
Little Big Planet - 47,086
Destiny (PS4) - 91,277
Destiny (PS3) - 49,503

Well, I guess results are around the Last of Us/Uncharted area, if you add the two together.

-Other than that, a couple of anime-type games that few care about. (As far as Naruto goes, I do not care much, anyways)

-Other than that, the usual games, like Youkai Watch following below the new games.

-Hardware-wise, Smash Bros beats the wait for the New 3DS by boosting the 3DS sales past the usual 30,000~ mark. PS4 also sees a boost (finally) out of the 4-digit zone thanks to Destiny.

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