Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Game Sales of the Week (9/24/14)


-New game of the week is Bayonetta 2. I still remember when it was first announced and a certain group of people went berserk over the fact Nintendo picked it up. Man, wasn't that a long time ago...
Anyways, coming in 3rd in the 38,000 range (2 day total, it seems).
PS3's Bayonetta was around 138,000
XBOX's was around 66,000.
Hmm, while it is lower than the previous game, it did do better than I thought. Hopefully, there is still chance to grow, but these type of games never really do grow much after the first week.

-Super Smash Bros and Youkai Watch at 1st and 2nd, as expected. A solid 2nd week for Smash Bros while Youkai Watch passes the 2.5 million mark. Smash Bros also passes the million mark for package sales only.

-Hadware-wise, the boost from last week already disappears as PS4 returns to 4 digits. This quite surprised me. Other than that, not too much change from last week.
Considering the audience for Bayonetta, it was not that much a surprise that the WiiU numbers did not move much.

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