Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Monster Hunter XX: Highest Difficulty Deviant Solo-ing 1/3

For the sake of it... and due to certain Monsters, I may not actually end up doing all of them, but I'm trying to go through the Highest Difficulty Deviants through Solo (with Palico, though they rarely survive long enough to matter).
For now, I went through 6 of the 18.

Images of the clear time and short thoughts below:
Note that I was not TA-ing and I was aiming at simply clearing the quest. So I added survival skills or played around a bit with other rarely used skills.

Thunderlord Zinogre
Bushido Dual Sword
The scary parts are his double somersault (hits twice) and when he lunges at you with the wall behind your back (as his body will slide along the wall and hit/kill you).

Drilltusk Tetsucabra
Striker Lance
Weapons that can guard can generally get through this one easily, as they can just wait out his moving-around-with-rock-in-mouth attack. That said, occasionally, when he swings the rock around, it hits from a weird angel outside of the Guard's angle. Thankfully, this doesn't kill...

Bushido Dual Sword
Meh. Not much to say. I just decided to use Bushido Dual Sword because I hated his sudden wing swings. The fact his body slam from invisibility could one-hit-kill was a nasty surprise...

Deadeye Yian Garuga 
Brave Longsword
I tried using that skill that boosts your Attack and Defense every time you died, but it turns out Yian Garuga's charge tackle still kills even when you have 1200 defense...
So yeah, I killed myself on purpose twice... and then accidentally got killed again by getting hit by his aerial somersault twice in a roll. 
The Counter was still useful for his sudden leaps (I so hate this move) and ground pecks.

Dreadqueen Rathian 
Guild Insect Staff
While it did take a long time, it actually wasn't that hard. Get the anti-Poison skill and first focus on half-breaking her tail. Once the Poison is negated, there really isn't that much of a way to die.

Silverwind Nargacuga 
Bushido Dual Sword
Another relatively easy one. The only attacks that can kill you are his ground pound and super sonic boom, but both are considerably easy to avoid with Bushido Dual Swords. His other moves (that are much harder to dodge) can sometimes do so little damage, you can survive two hits.

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