Sunday, July 2, 2017

WIXOSS: Booster Pack Opening - WX-19 Unsolved Selector

Two boxes + the Eldora/Aya starter.
...I don't have the card sleeves for the two new decks...
Oh, and I forgot to take an image of the boxes before throwing the empty boxes out, so just an image of the tokens and extra.

As you can see, a pretty good draw this time around.
Out of the available Secrets this time around, I wanted either Tama or Mayu (the illustration is beautiful for this version). And I not only got Level 5 Tama, but I also got the Secret Ark Aura, which is obviously adorable. I missed out on the Level 4 Tama and Mayu, but you can't get more than one Secret per box anyways, so I can't really ask for more here. Anything other than a Secret Signi, that's for sure.

For LR, the only thing I really wanted was Tama or her Arts. Price-wise, the Black Arts (with Hanare on it) is still a good draw. It is powerful too (probably; just that I didn't really care about getting it). Unfortunately... I can't say the same about Level 5 Eldora. I can't really see the point in increasing your Hand limit to 8...

For SR, I missed out on Norovirus (not only for Nanashi, but I liked the illustration) and Tama's Weapon Signi. I also wanted more copies of Tama's Arm Signi. Getting two copies of Carnival's Signi isn't that bad, since she is pretty expensive, but as always, even though I keep on getting Carnival rare cards, I do not have a Carnival deck to use them.
Nightingale's illustration is cute, but I don't have a Mama deck, so getting two is kinda a waste.
Overall, the results were so-so for SR. Got a few cards I wanted, but not all of them...

I keep on saying I want Tama cards, and it is because I want to make an Arm/Weapons Tama deck, but a good number of Tama's Arts are rare and expensive.......

And for the Parallels...
I was able to get a Yuzuki coin, but the other one was just a no-character fancy coin...
As you can see, strangely, I got 6 Parallels in one of the boxes. As you may know and can see, the normal box contains 5 Parallels. Not complaining though.
Overall, the results are good. Most of the Parallel artworks are cute (I especially like the Mumps Signi at the bottom-right).
But more importantly, I got the Parallel version of Ark Aura. This means I got not only the Secret version, but the Parallel version too. (I don't have the normal version though). And it looks great too.
Oh, and if I make a Tama deck, I am also happy at getting the Parallel for the "Get Up" Arts.

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