Monday, July 10, 2017

New Game! Part 2 - The Alliance Alive

Next up is Alliance Alive, developed by Cattle Call and published by Furyu. No, it looks very similar to Legend of Legacy and there are a number of similar staff, but that was developed by Furyu while this is only published by Furyu.

It's theme is the good old RPG. That means a lot, but without even touching on the game content itself, that means:
-No DLC (AKA, let's rip out part of the game and sell it seperately)
-No voices (ROLE PLAYING <- Come up with the voices you think match the characters)
BOOKLET! You remember these guys?!

(BTW, Sting is quite irrelevant now, but their Riviera (artwork by Tobe Sunaho) is still an awesome galg... I mean, game worth playing)

Anyways, coming back onto subject. The game also came with a soundtrack of 20 BGMs or so, though this is a bonus for buying the game early on, so it might not be available now.
Oh, and of course, the manual. It's not just 2 pages, BTW?

Along with the special soundtrack was a download code for 5 3DS themes. An example here.
(Yeah, you can't see much because of the game logo in this picture)

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