Monday, July 10, 2017

New Game! Part 1 - Radiant Historia

Due to saying more than usual with more images, I'm splitting this up into two sections, both with Read Mores.
And by the way, you might be wondering why it took me so long to get these games, but there was a problem on the store side. I have a good idea on what caused the problem, but I ended up minimizing the damage (as in, shipment delay) by switching my purchase to the more-costly limited edition for Radiant Historia. But hey, you do get the full soundtrack along with some other stuff, so it isn't wasted money. Just that I originally did not intend to buy the limited edition version.
(To be honest, the lack of action on the store side was bad customer service, but... Well, whatever. I won't call them out. Next time, just remember to order more than just one version of the game?)

As you can see, the limited edition comes with the full soundtrack on 2 CDs, a pretty (and huge) box and artwork, and an artbook with collections of character designs, interviews, game timeline, etc. And it comes with a code for DLC.
I also got a code for the Chibi DLC (which I reaaaaally could not care less about).

 It's a really large box... I can't fit it with my other games...

I clearly see a very good modernization of the original design of Eruca. It's cute while still keeping the original design.
You want me to also love the new character design, but then you show me this artwork.
(This is from the artbook that comes with the limited edition)

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