Wednesday, June 7, 2017

New New 3DS! : Onto the 3DS' last sprint? + Transfer Complete

I leave a question mark on the title because I do not assume I will get another new 3DS, as this new one should last me until the successor.

Monster Hunter XX, Monster Hunter Stories

Stardust Amazoness, Fire Emblem Thracia, Mercenary Saga 2

Possible buys:
Ever Oasis, Alliance Alive, Radiant Historia, Etrian Odyssey Dungeon 2, Megami Tensei Deep Strange Journeys, Megami Tensei (title unknown?), Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon

I originally did not use a Read More line, but I ended up also adding the steps I took to transfer between systems and the post started getting long.

The arrow in the image points in order I got them. 3DS -> New 3DS -> New 3DS LL -> New 3DS LL
Since I was getting a new one, I decided to get a different color.

If I remember correctly, my 2nd one's control stick wore out. From playing Smash Bros on it.
The 3rd one had its R Button worn out, and the ZR was also starting to wear out from Monster Hunter.
The lessons learned:
Games that heavily rely on tapping or smashing the control stick is dangerous to the system.
The R Button is used greatly on the 3DS, and I hope that button is especially fortified on the successor.

Oh, and the transfer between consoles went well.
1. Open new console and reach the home menu.
2. Upgrade the new console to the newest version
3. Follow the Transfer prompts in the Settings for both consoles.
4. Pretty much just say yes to everything asked
5. After transferring is complete, you should get a message about switching out SD cards.
6. Close the old New 3DS and remove the MicroSD from it. You will need to screwdrive open the back, of course.
7. Close the new New 3DS (it will have a message asking about transferring more data from the MicroSD, and that you should close the system before removing/adding MicroSDs, and that it will resume at this screen even if you close it to do so)
8. Remove the MicroSD that comes with it.
9. Either insert the MicroSD you removed from the old system to the new system
OR, copy the content of that MicroSD to your computer, then copy it onto a new MicroSD, and finally, insert the new MicroSD into the new New 3DS
10. Done.

I added a little paint over the 3DS because a slight part of me was in the reflection. Not that I think it really mattered, but I had a bit of free time anyways.

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