Sunday, May 28, 2017

Fire Emblem: Echoes - Characters

Actually, I don't really have that much to say, so it'll just be screenshots of my stronger characters in my army. Any character whose image is now below were considerably useless and not really worth looking at.
Also, these are the levels and stats and classes they were in upon beating the game.

Stuff I want to say (JP names, BTW, since I don't know or care about their English ones):
-Effie's character is very... ugh, but her unit stats are very good. Her only weakness is her RES. After I changed her into a Mage, she was a magic user that had higher defenses than any of my other units, including Armor-types.......
-Dyute's states are a bit higher than they should be. Because I had her drink from the HP and DEF (her only weaknesses) water a few times.
--Physical Wall -> Effie
--Magic Wall -> Dyute
--And the others do their stuff too, but these two are my MVP.
-The Okama Archer (Leo) is actually pretty weak, but as he was my only archer on Celica's side, he played an important row until the two sides met up.

Oh, and I find Dyute (Loli, Genki, Imouto, Fang) very cute.

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