Friday, May 12, 2017

Monster Hunter XX: Achievements Completed! + Thoughts

It wasn't that hard this time, especially because I did not have that hard of a time finding the Miniature Crowns. Not sure if it is just because I was lucky or if it is easier to find them in G Quests.

Thoughts on MHXX below:

So one thing that is particularly noticeable in MHXX is the weapon balancing. MHX wasn't too bad in this aspect, but it definitely had some noticeable problems, especially for Bows.
But in MHXX, it fixes these problems, mainly by making the "OP" weapons of MHX lower Raw + higher Attribute. By doing this, it not only gives the other weapons a chance, but it still technically makes these weakened weapons still "viable"
The balance is quite well, as it generally is hard to just go "Wow, this is the only choice" when you look at the weapons and try to select the best one. This is especially true for Rapid Normal Light Bowguns, where you have a number of choices that are all just as good as each other, but with each one having a stronger point compared to the others.
Of course, there are still some weapons that just suck, but you do need some "joke" weapons for the fun of it.
Also, due to the balancing, weapons that were completely ignored in MHX suddenly became not only usable, but perhaps the "best". Kinda motivates you to go and create some weapons from the start, eh?

Another thing that was noticeable were the power-ups for Deviants generally revolved around incredibly powerful moves that have great ending lag. If you dodge the attack, you get a good chance to attack. If you get hit, you are in worlds of pain.
Of course, the danger of these moves vary, but overall, the only godly bad one is Uragaan, who is so utterly stressful to fight. Let me tell you, I solo-ed all of the Deviants up to G5, but Uragaan's was the only one I stopped trying after G2.

All in all, the changes MHXX made were all quite good. Some moves that you had a hard time telling if it hit feels a lot better now, as there are effects added (Energy Blade, for instance).
You can also combine armor together, giving you any appearance you want while having the "best" skill sets. This also adds the rare and interesting factor of getting multiple copes of the same armor just for different armor sets for appearances. While it is unfortunate that collaboration armor cannot be merged together, you can't really help that. Copyright and whatevers.
There were also various buffs and nerfs, but they generally worked on the positive. (Though some changes were not enough to save certain stuff...)

Oh, and the new Monsters are all generally fun to fight. And cool BGM too.

That said, some of the problems from MHX continue to persist, though changing it would have meant chancing the concept, which would have been hard to do.
Mainly, the overly overly large health of Hyper State monsters. Just so... Solo-unfriendly...
And similarly, Hyper State attacks still break through Guard more easily, and they negate exhaustion.
Finally, there never was a particularly reason for why Hyper State exists. In MH4, you got Monsters going berserk because of Magara. But what about Hyper State? Just because?

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  1. Hi can you explain how to get each of wycademia?
    The others no problem, are the same as MHX/MHGen